Let’s Take a Walk in the Park

Hi guys!

A while back (when Autumn felt like Spring), the sun was shining brightly and the leafs were just starting to change their colours. Rather than green, now the trees took on more “autumn-ey” colours (my fav!). The weather was at a nice and comfortable state where a cute leather jacket was required and nothing more.

I couldn’t stop staring out my window from where I could see the periphery of the Goffert Park. So, I thought I’d go out and take a walk and take some pictures before the leaves were really gone. And thanks to global warming it wasn’t too hard leaving my huddled little hole.

The lighting was amazing that day, which resulted in my SD card filling up entirely. I loved almost all of the pictures I made but I especially loved these, which is why I decided to put these lovely pictures up on here!

I’m obviously not a professional photographer or anything near that but I was (and kind of still am) slightly extremely obsessed with the trees and leafs.


I mean I’m not actually an outdoor-sey person and there is a very small chance that I will ever sit on this bench but isn’t it the cutest? I had a total tumblr moment right there and pretended to be a professional photographer taking pictures from all kinds of angles.


This one is a particular favourite of mine only for the memories made here. To be quite honest, it was kind of embarassing.. I went to stand under the tree and gave the camera to my friend who came along with me. I picked up a handful of leafs and threw them in the air (basically attempting to make another tumblr picture). The thing was that since it was around 12 pm, we weren’t exactly the only ones in the park.

So there I was with a handful of leafs in my hand and in the air with a huge smile on my face while my friend attempted to capture the moment.

The fact that I ended up with leafs in my hair and on my clothes, which I only discovered much much later, explains why people kept smiling at me..


Here was a particularly photogenic broken piece of art. It was just asking for a photo-shoot.


Got straight-up Twilight feels in here. I used to be a huge fan and I’m not ashamed to admit it! I was 16 and in love. With Edward. And Jacob. Yes, I was greedy.


Too bad the sun was shining, otherwise I bet I would have encountered a couple of vampires in there. Just kidding.


You’d think with such a beautiful park at walking distance that I’d be exercising there all the time. It’s a great place for a nice run. Surprisingly that is not the case.. I’m just always far too lazy to get off my bum and go outside. I guess I’m just the indoor-sey person who prefers to waste life away on the internet…


I don’t know why, but I really love this one. Maybe it’s because of the scattered leafs or the sun shining through the trees. Whatever it is, I just love it.


Behold! Another photogenic bench that was also asking for a photo-shoot.


See the sun shining through the branches of the tree in this one? It wasn’t made spontaneously, oh nooo. It took me a while to get this and I love how the sun turned out looking like a star, even though it really is .. you know, a star.


I guess you can tell that I really like that whole “sun shining through the trees” effect.There is actually a word for the sun shining through the leaves. Unfortunately there is no English equivalent (you’d think that with such a wide range of words the English language would have words for everything but nope..). It’s actually a Japanese word: Komorebi: sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees.


This last one just feels like I’m walking into Narnia. It’s actually sort of the entrance of the park (from my end because the park is so big it can be entered from anywhere).

I love the magical feeling these pictures give off, or at least that’s how I felt when I was taking them. I love how the sun is shining but all the leafs are in transition and falling.

Is anyone else obsessed with seasons as I am?



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