No-bake Oreo Cheesecake

It's been a long time since I've made a yummy dessert. I've been trying to perfect my n0-bake Oreo Cheeseake recipe for a while now. I recently had a little get-together with a few close friends and I decided to make my Oreo Cheesecake as dessert. It all started when I didn't have an oven [...]


Oreo Sugar Cookies – How not to do it

Well, hello there! Here I am yet again with another post on how not to make certain things. I believe in learning from mistakes, hence this post. Although these didn't come out as bad as my Oreo Churros, these cookies didn't exactly look like the picture: These look so amazing, don't they? So, let's get started [...]

Chocolate Coconut Almond Banana Bread

Chocolate Coconut Almond Banana Bread. Phew. A mouthful, isn't it? You know the kind of people who follow a recipe religiously, making strict measurements, not one more or less. Those who keep it simple and end up with something amazingly simply delicious? I am not one of those people. I like to stick as many [...]

Late Night Baking Time – Apple Crisp

It was about time that I finally baked again. It's been so busy lately I don't have time for the little things like baking. From classes to essays to parties, it's a wonder how I even get time to breathe a little. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying life so that's a plus! So last night I had [...]

Dusseldorf Christmas Market

Last weekend my friends and I made a trip to one of Europe's famous Christmas markets. We went to the market in Dusseldorf for a day. I had heard so many good things about these markets that I couldn't wait to finally go to one! Germany is really nearby where I live so the trip [...]

Oreo Churros – How not to do it

Last night, I was browsing Facebook and Pinterest and I came across how to make Oreo Churros. It seemed like such an amazing recipe that would have oh-so-satisfying results. I'm a great lover of classic churros, but Oreo churros sounded even better. I had never tried them before and decided to give it a shot. I [...]

Late Evening Baking Time – Banana Oreo Chocolate Chip Brownies

Okay I did it again! So it all started off with an early dinner because I was starving by the time I'd gotten back from the university where I was steadfastly working on my essay on Shakespeare's As you like it and Beaumont's The Knight of the Burning Pestle. Yes so early dinner equals getting hungry later [...]

Late Evening Baking Time! – Banana Bread Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies

So here's this thing about me.. my favourite time to bake is at night, preferably nearing the hours of midnight. Don't ask me why, that's literally the time when I spontaneously conjure up some type of dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth. Tonight it was banana oatmeal chocolate cookies! I was scrolling through Pinterest and found [...]