Dealing with Stress

By the time this post goes up, I'll hopefully be done with thesis writing. For now, as I sit on my couch desperately trying not to think about that gross feeling in the pit of my stomach, I'll make a list of ways that I've de-stressed in the past. I know a lot of people … Continue reading Dealing with Stress


Stages of the Thesis Life

The day is almost here. Which day? Doomsday. The deadline for my thesis submission is exactly T minus 1 week. And my head is spinning with all the anxiety and stress. This is actually my second thesis in the last year. Crazy, huh?! I'm currently doing a Masters in Linguistics, which requires a minimum of … Continue reading Stages of the Thesis Life

Tips for Healthy Lunch Recipes!

Living in the Netherlands can quickly trap you into the eternal loop of having just sandwiches and mainly bread-based meals for lunch. How European of me, eh? Especially considering our schedules nowadays (uni-students holler at me!), resorting to the easiest option - a simple old sandwich - can be quite tempting. Oh, all the possible … Continue reading Tips for Healthy Lunch Recipes!

Top Films for Halloween!

I'm back again with a post part of the collab! This week's theme is, my favourite, films! Although I don't get a whole lot of time, because Halloween usually means exams for me, I still enjoy watching dark and eerie films full of magic through out the month of October (or any time for that … Continue reading Top Films for Halloween!

Lehngas and Anarkalis

Okay. It still feels so odd saying this because I can barely wrap my head around it but my best friend got married last July! It feels so bizarre, because it was a sort of reality check that screamed: HEY! WE'VE GROWN UP! It all started with a phone call on the night of Christmas. … Continue reading Lehngas and Anarkalis

Knick Knacks from the UK!

Hii guys! So, it's been over a week since I'm back from Cardiff but hey, guess what! I've got a couple of more things to share with you that didn't quite fall under "makeup". I've honestly been swamped in work for uni. Only 1 1/2 more weeks to go before exams and less than 3 weeks … Continue reading Knick Knacks from the UK!

Countdown to Cardiff + Packing Tips!

I think Cardiff is one of the most understated cities ever. If you think of the UK you don't immediately think WALES! which is a shame, really. As a member of the travel committee of the student organisation I'm in, I've had to do quite a lot of research on Cardiff. Me and 6 other students … Continue reading Countdown to Cardiff + Packing Tips!

Hair Care Routine

You know that moment, when you go and get your hair done and the hairdresser tells you "Hmm, your hair is quite dry, isn't it?" I roll my eyes in frustration because I've been reminded of the same thing for years. Okay I'm kidding, I wouldn't actually roll my eyes at the nice lady who's … Continue reading Hair Care Routine

Autumn Decor

Well hello! It's just another day in the lovely season of Autumn.. Is it just me or am I the only one who gets urged to clean and tidy up everything in my studio apartment? I could be lying in my pig-stein of a dump all week(s) but the minute I make plans with someone … Continue reading Autumn Decor

When Life Spins Out of Control

You know that feeling you get when you're at that point in life where everything is just spinning out of control? When you don't know what to do because you can't even remember what's right and what's left? Life's struggles aren't unfamiliar to anyone (except for babies) but at one point you feel as if … Continue reading When Life Spins Out of Control