Stages of the Thesis Life

The day is almost here. Which day? Doomsday. The deadline for my thesis submission is exactly T minus 1 week. And my head is spinning with all the anxiety and stress. This is actually my second thesis in the last year. Crazy, huh?! I'm currently doing a Masters in Linguistics, which requires a minimum of … Continue reading Stages of the Thesis Life


A Peek into my Life…

Hi guys! I'm back again with a collab post. The purpose of this week's theme is to let all of you lovely people get a little peek into our daily lives. Although I live in a different time zone than all the other collabees, my life isn't much different than the next chick on the … Continue reading A Peek into my Life…

Life in “frog-land”: Birthdays

It's funny how simple birthday traditions can seem so different across cultures. Since my move to the Netherlands, I've noticed a lot of little things that are different from where I come from yet, kind of, the same. Let me elaborate.. Last Friday, I had the pleasure of being reminded that I'm yet another year … Continue reading Life in “frog-land”: Birthdays

My life in “frog-land”: Welcome, Nacho.

Holy crap. Have you ever tried to take a photo of an overly energized hamster who has just woken up from his sleep? Difficult. Very difficult.  This little cutie right here couldn't stop moving. Obviously not a lover of pictures, but photogenic he definitely is. One fine day, a friend and I went for a … Continue reading My life in “frog-land”: Welcome, Nacho.

Introduction to “My life in ‘Frog-land'”

Back in the Summer of 2012, I made the decision to move to the one place on earth I never thought I'd ever end up; The Netherlands. It was such a spontaneous move, or as spontaneous as it could get.  Where my peers got an entire year to prepare and do the paper work, I … Continue reading Introduction to “My life in ‘Frog-land'”

The First of Many Stages of Writing a Paper

It has begun. The last semester of my entire BA programme. The last semester equals BA thesis writing. The one paper I have dreaded writing since day one. If it were possible, I'd jump into a black hole of nothingness for the entire semester just to escape writing that one paper. Only when I come … Continue reading The First of Many Stages of Writing a Paper

Let’s Take a Walk in the Park

Hi guys! A while back (when Autumn felt like Spring), the sun was shining brightly and the leafs were just starting to change their colours. Rather than green, now the trees took on more "autumn-ey" colours (my fav!). The weather was at a nice and comfortable state where a cute leather jacket was required and … Continue reading Let’s Take a Walk in the Park

My New Year’s List

Every year, I start off with high expectation just like any other optimistic girl wanting to make this year the best one yet! Unfortunately, as life has it, these things don't usually work out. The disappointment is greater than actually failing that thing you had on your list about exercising more and eating healthy. With these … Continue reading My New Year’s List

Christmas Decor

Hi guys! 'Tis the season!! I love this time of year for it's wonderful Christmas cheer. One of the things I love is decorating my place for the holidays. This is the first time I'm not packing my bags and flying to London to relatives. With all the work I've got to do it being … Continue reading Christmas Decor

Presenting my model: The trees.

A few weeks ago, I took my camera and spontaneously decided to go to the park across my place and take as many pictures as I can before the trees lose their leaves (and before it became dark). It goes without saying that I seriously loved capturing anything that caught my eye (basically everything really). … Continue reading Presenting my model: The trees.