My journey to the land of pork – Part 1: The Netherlands

It's been a few months since I've written this post. It's been a whirlwind of emotions and trial and errors. I moved to China a good 8 months ago. I knew no one here and I was as paranoid as paranoid parrot. But before I moved I went to India. This is the first post in my new blog series, THE CHINA DIARIES.


The Sweet Blogger Award

It's scandalous how long this blogger award has remained in my drafts. Thanks to thebeyoutifulgal for nominating me! I received the nomination at least a year back and I'm only now posting this. So the award might be a little outdated but my answers are not! Get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy this … Continue reading The Sweet Blogger Award

Reaching for the Stars | Feelings into Words.

It's been a while since my boyfriend and I broke up. Although I've missed my friend dearly, I, unlike many, don't regret the past few years one single bit. It's funny how we just cut people out of our lives because it doesn't seem to work out anymore. Like cutting off a string of balloons … Continue reading Reaching for the Stars | Feelings into Words.

My summer reads (and whether you should read these too)

I know it's been a while since summer and we're well into October already. But, honestly, these books have got nothing to do with summer. So if you're looking for a good book, keep on reading! As every year, Goodreads makes me set a goal of books to read for the year. I once naively … Continue reading My summer reads (and whether you should read these too)

What Do You Do When on Aruba?

So as some of you may have noticed through my Instagram posts, I spent my (possibly last) summer holiday on Aruba. My parents live there so going back was like going back home. But that doesn't mean that I don't feel like a tourist.. One thing I can say for sure is that it is nothing like … Continue reading What Do You Do When on Aruba?

A year in the life of a blogger on a hiatus

Coming in. Hello. Hello? You there? I'm sorry I disappeared off the face of the planet - well, blogging planet really. I took about a year off of blogging to focus on school and work. To no one's surprise, life kind of took over and I needed all of my brain power to focus on … Continue reading A year in the life of a blogger on a hiatus

My Favourite Summer Lips

Hello, fellow lipstick lovers! I'm here with a simple post on my favourite lip products during the warm summer season. Although it's actually quite dark and gloomy these days here, it's still summer compared to the rest of the year. That calls for floral dresses, flowy skirts, and cute tops (albeit paired with denim jackets … Continue reading My Favourite Summer Lips