Spinach Eggplant Parmesan | Recipe

Hello  world! Oh how long has it been since I last posted? FAR too long, I think. It's been the usual student stuff - "Oh, I'm so busy!" "I'm drowning in work while I watch Netflix all day" "I want to cry and die" you know, the usualz. Today, I actually experimented in the kitchen again. It feels … Continue reading Spinach Eggplant Parmesan | Recipe


Chickpeas Pocket Pita Bread

Hello there, fellow humans! I'm back again with one of my dinner recipes! Recently, I was on the lookout for something light, fresh, and easy. I was dead tired when I got back from Cardiff, so you can imagine how much energy I had in me to prepare a meal for myself. I had a … Continue reading Chickpeas Pocket Pita Bread

Black Bean Eggplant Curry

I know this one sounds a bit odd, I mean black beans and eggplant and make a curry out of it. What's that about? It sounds pretty "yegh" but trust me, it's delicious! It started off like most of my dinners. It's dinner time. I'm hungry. I've got no meat. I did, however, have loads … Continue reading Black Bean Eggplant Curry

Pataks’s Butter Chicken

Recently, I was browsing through the "indian groceries" isle at the local supermarket (Albert Heijn). I usually don't put high hopes in traditional dishes made from packets because they never really taste like the real thing especially when it comes to dishes that involve a plethora of spices. Despite my low expectations for pre-packed pastes … Continue reading Pataks’s Butter Chicken

Indian Night

Every year around Diwali, I plan an Indian dinner for just a couple of my closest friends. I experiment with different Indian recipes and just have a good time celebrating the Hindu festival. I can't deny that it always takes a lot of effort. (I was in the kitchen all day yesterday!) It's only once … Continue reading Indian Night

Squash Potato Soup

Well hello there! It's yet another Autumn-y soup post! This time I was feeling rebellious and opted for a butternut squash instead of my usual orange pumpkin. It's safe to say I do not regret that choice. Having a friend over for dinner put all the more pressure on my shoulders. I mean, what if … Continue reading Squash Potato Soup

Curried Pumpkin Lentil Soup

Since the past couple of weeks I've pushed smoothies and salads aside and opted for a more heart-and-stomach warming option. I've been buying more pumpkins from the market lately and I'm absolutely loving it! The market is a place where vegetables and fruits look healthier and are definitely much more affordable! Lately I've been experimenting … Continue reading Curried Pumpkin Lentil Soup