I wrote this about a year ago, when life was very different than it is now. Though, come to think of it, certain things have remained the same. The core feeling I was experiencing when I wrote this isn’t fully gone, if I’m being completely honest.

I wrote this as one of the prompts of the 100 day writing challenge.

I actually enjoyed this challenge because, as the title says, the poem is bottoms up. Funnily enough, it does somehow make a little sense if you read it from top to bottom.

Bottoms Up_ cover image

Bottoms up

When will I know? 

The right one.

Who will help me make them?

They’re left before me every single day

decisions, decisions 

Everyone knows where their comfort zone lies

How else will I grow

Where the sun don’t shine

Forced to face new clouds

Or stick to this path and hide

Should I leave forever 

For the universe to give me a sign

I guess I’m just waiting

With no guidelines to show

How do they all do it

Where I need to go 

Constant blurriness

of the torment that goes on inside my head

,with their perfectly ignorant lives,

What do they know 

‘Don’t worry, it’ll be alright’

I know they all tell me

It feels like there’s no way out 

I’m drowning in my tears

If I never leave it all behind

What will I do 

Familiar yet unkind

So many faces

That will never leave me bare

All I know is my past 

Or how when or where

I don’t know where to begin

It starts here.


What did you think? I’d love to know in the comments.

Are you interested in the 100 day writing challenge? Let me know and I’ll send you the link in the comments below!


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