About me

Hi there!

I’m just another girl making the most of her second decade on this beautiful planet. I grew up with several different languages in my surroundings, which resulted in the various accents I now have the pleasure of possessing. Hence the URL!

I intend on filling up this blog ]with things that bring a smile to my face, which include food, beauty, and life in general. Hopefully it will bring a smile to other’s faces as well. I’ve had my fair share of experiences considering the fact that I moved halfway across the world at a young age from a tiny little island called Aruba to a big country like the Netherlands – although it’s not actually considered very large here in Europe.

Since I’m a linguistic student, I’m quite interested in language in general. So, don’t be surprised to find some posts about language and culture on my blog!

The world is so big and beautiful. There are so many places to see, foods to eat, and experiences to enjoy!

I’m actually relatively anonymous (mostly because I’m a little bit hesitant to let people in my surroundings read my blog) but I do feel like a picture in an “about me” section is a nice way of giving you an “image” of who’s actually writing.

So, hereby, my face:

2016-01-29 22.41.39

Welcome to my blog and thank you for reading!

Keep that smile on!

For now and until then,


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Contact me for collaborations or PR inquiries at thegirlwithanaccent@gmail.com


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