Why Priyanka Chopra and I would be BFFs

Okay, before you say anything. I swear this isn't click bait. I honestly think Priyanka would totally get me. And if you wondered what my URL was all about, then keep reading. How are Priyanka Chopra and my URL related? Yeah, now that's click bait. (And also actually true..) First things first, what kind of [...]

New Vlog + Update

Hi guys! So I obviously haven't been updating my blog as frequently as I used to/ want to. I've had exams since the beginning of January and they're still going in full force until the 29th! *cries in a corner*. After the 29th, it's straight to classes and thesis writing! (I've barely thought about it [...]

Glitter Eyes are IN | Bellapierre Cosmetics

Glitter, glitter, everywhere. I honestly used to cringe at the sight of it and feared it as my worst makeup phobia. I can't, however, deny that it really has started to grow on me - quite fondly actually. Well, hello there, you! I do hope you've been quite alright especially considering it's the new year! [...]

An Excuse for a Winter Wonderland 

Sleigh bells ring.. are you listening?  In the lane... snow is glistening A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight  Walking in a winter wonder- *cues reverse record sound* "It's already the second week of January. Why the hell are you still singing Christmas songs?" you ask? It's because of good ol' Dutch weather. It was warm [...]

Subtle X-mas Party Make up Look | Blogmas 2016

Welcome back to my blog and my blogmas series! Today I've got a subtle Christmas party makeup look for you. Every where on the internet I see all these dramatic makeup looks that would make me look downright out of place no matter how fabulous the makeup look is. I actually had a university Christmas party [...]

First ever vlog / vlogmas! | Blogmas 2016

Hey guys! So I finally did it! I made a vlog of my day at the Antwerp Christmas Market last Friday! Some things went wrong while editing - but hey, you live, you learn, right? I'm flying to Dublin tomorrow and I'll be back by the end of the week. So follow me on Instagram, [...]

Top Christmas Films | Blogmas 2016

Heya readers! Since December started I've been watching a short Christmas film on Netflix basically everyday. They're max 90 minutes usually and counts as break time for me for the entire night. I've watched some bad films and then some. In this post I'll round up some of my all-time favourites but some that I've [...]

The Real Neat Blog Award!

Heya guys! I was nominated by the sweet heart Wendy from The Mew Life . Thank you so much, Wendy!! Be sure to pop on over to her blog, she posts things from everyday life from recipes to day-to-day happenings and give-aways!   The Rules: 1. Post the Award logo and answer the questions asked by [...]

Christmas Menu Ideas | Blogmas 2016

Well hello there my lovely readers, Christmas is approaching at a rapid rate and I'm almost sad it will soon all be over. I enjoy the days building up to Christmas more than the actual day. All of the hype around the holiday is what's worth it. Speaking of Christmas day, I'm actually planning a [...]