Autumnal Make-up Inspiration

Heya dearies! It's really starting to feel like Autumn lately! Although I'm afraid we're going over to Winter now... but the trees are as beautiful as ever! There's almost no green left in the hues of the trees. It's an ocean of warm red and deep orange tones - which is inspirational for many things [...]


Fall in Love with Autumn in Nijmegen

Hiya lovelies! I'm here with another post part of the collaboration! This week's prompt is pictures of what Autumn looks like in my area. Funny thing is that I did a similar post like this last year. I went to the park nearby place and went crazy! If you're curious click here!  Funny thing is [...]

Outfit inspiration for Autumn!

Hi there! I'm back with another post on the best season of the year: AUTUMN/FALL! As usual, the other awesome bloggers who are part of this collab will be  linked at the end of the post! This week's topic is FALL FASHION. Best fashion of the year, if you ask me. I love being comfortable and [...]

Autumn in Nijmegen

Hello my lovely readers! I'm back again with another post that's part of the Autumn/Fall Collab! (At the end of this post you'll find a list with links to the blogs of the other collab members!) Ahh, we have passed the Autumnal Equinox and here we are.. It's officially Autumn! Even though the weather has [...]

Getting psyched for Autumn!

The long and dark gloomy days are nearing. The wind is kicking in and so are the raging clouds. Here come the days of fuzzy jackets, stockings, and warm boots. Long gone are the days of cute floral summer dresses and picnicking in parks... Fear Autumn not! The dark days of cold nights aren't all bad. [...]

Let’s Take a Walk in the Park

Hi guys! A while back (when Autumn felt like Spring), the sun was shining brightly and the leafs were just starting to change their colours. Rather than green, now the trees took on more "autumn-ey" colours (my fav!). The weather was at a nice and comfortable state where a cute leather jacket was required and [...]

Presenting my model: The trees.

A few weeks ago, I took my camera and spontaneously decided to go to the park across my place and take as many pictures as I can before the trees lose their leaves (and before it became dark). It goes without saying that I seriously loved capturing anything that caught my eye (basically everything really). [...]

Cycling in Autumn

I just wanted to add this post as an excuse to share my love for nature at this time of year. I might be coming off as Autumn cray-cray right now but I seriously cannot get over this! I come from a place where it's Summer all year round and until 4 years ago, I [...]

Vulnerable Colours

Your branches reach the sky and your changes blind my eyes orange, yellow, red,  all I want to do is get out of my nest admiring your falling beauties  makes me rush through your trees.  The sky might cry to see you bare, and the winds wail to see you weak but my eyes only see the [...]