Firefly Hollow

I know it's not right to judge a book by its cover... but sometimes I just can't help it. Especially when it's this pretty! Plus one of the keywords in its synopsis is supernatural (I read the mini synopsis given by BookBub). Oh, how could I resist?! I honestly finished this book so quickly I … Continue reading Firefly Hollow


Dying to Forget

You know that feeling when you stumble upon a great book and it happens to be part of a trilogy and you can't seem to find the sequel anywhere? Well, that's basically what I'm feeling right now. Or have been for the past couple of weeks. I've been meaning to share this particular novel with you … Continue reading Dying to Forget

Chocolate Lovers, Anyone?

Chocolate lovers, they're everywhere right? I've got nothing against them. Heck I'M one myself. As I sit here nibbling my decadent piece of dark chocolate I wonder how there are actual human beings on this planet who find chocolate appalling. I mean, really, are you really human? Okay, okay. I get it. There are two … Continue reading Chocolate Lovers, Anyone?