My Favourite Summer Lips

Hello, fellow lipstick lovers! I'm here with a simple post on my favourite lip products during the warm summer season. Although it's actually quite dark and gloomy these days here, it's still summer compared to the rest of the year. That calls for floral dresses, flowy skirts, and cute tops (albeit paired with denim jackets … Continue reading My Favourite Summer Lips


My new NYX lippies

First off, I'd like to apologise for my hiatus. I finally have some time away from my thesis (because I'm honestly just going insane from it as you may have read in my previous post.. and I'm also waiting for feedback). To those who stuck around, THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU. Right, so I've … Continue reading My new NYX lippies

My Top Holiday Lipsticks | Blogmas 2016

Hello dearies! So I've been quite obsessed with lipsticks lately (for past two years, oops). During the Summer, we're more inclined to stick to the 'natural' look, which includes beautiful nudes. But wearing more bold - and not to mention red - lipsticks are more acceptable during the holiday season. That is not to say … Continue reading My Top Holiday Lipsticks | Blogmas 2016

Urban Decay’s VICE lipstick

You know that feeling of shocking excitement because you had no idea you'd encounter what's right in front of you and you just can't help yourself but give in to it? Well, that's the feeling I had when I was casually strolling the streets of Amsterdam when I saw the Urban Decay stand behind the … Continue reading Urban Decay’s VICE lipstick

Maybelline and Rimmel Lipstick Review

Hi guys! I'm back again with another lippie review. I've been totally obsessed with different lipsticks lately. And they also seem to be on sale everywhere. (Thank you, Kruidvat) I feel like different lipstick shades just bring your face to life. It doesn't matter if I'm not wearing any other makeup, I just need something … Continue reading Maybelline and Rimmel Lipstick Review

Styletone Box: June Edition

Ello my lovely readers! Last month I ordered a new box. I usually order the Deauty box but this time I thought I'd go for another box. I don't get these very often, actually. There's something about the end of the academic year that burns that itch to shop and buy new things.ย So, about 2 … Continue reading Styletone Box: June Edition

Hello, Favourites!

Hi guys! I have always wanted Urban Decay's Naked palette. And now I finally am in the possession of my very first Naked palette! Thanks to my very lovely mommy who sent me a late Christmas present. She knows I've wanted it for so long and after going through the pit hole of disappointment in … Continue reading Hello, Favourites!

MAC Review

Last Summer, my mom and I made a trip to Miami and you know what that means? Shop. Shop. Shop. Everything is so much cheaper (sometimes) there when especially when it comes to make-up! One day we ended up in Macy's and they had an entire MAC make-up department so I got my self a … Continue reading MAC Review