Pizzas in no time | Recipe

Hi there readers! I'm here with a food related post. I hope you're ready for this because this is literally the easiest dinner ever. And if you love pizzas, eggplant, cheese, and laziness, you're going to LOVE this. Buckle up for the easiest and shortest ride ever! I bring you Eggplant Pesto Pita Pizza. A reaction … Continue reading Pizzas in no time | Recipe


Game Day? You mean, food day.

Football. The most confusing word for a game. - I don't mean the actual word, which is basically foot-ball: ball being kicked by a foot - wait what? No. That's not what they meant. They meant that game I've seen Americans go nuts about. Yep, that's this week's theme for the collab! - Game Day Traditions! Where … Continue reading Game Day? You mean, food day.

Freshly Made Thyme Hummus

Hiya! For the past couple of weeks, I swear I've had an overload of hummus. Surprisingly, I still love it! There are so many different way of making hummus; pesto hummus, sun dried tomato hummus, classic hummus, and the list goes on and on! I actually posted a hummus recipe a while back but it … Continue reading Freshly Made Thyme Hummus

Hot Sauce Potato Stacks

It feels good being back in the kitchen and trying new things out. Don't get me wrong, I like my "usuals" but having something different now and then and getting inspired by the amazing Pinterest just adds a spark to a mundane survival task like eating. This one isn't much but it was a nice … Continue reading Hot Sauce Potato Stacks

Baked Parmesan Potato Wedges

Since I moved to my new place, I've been thinking about getting an oven and a microwave. I already have an oven, but well, it's a mini oven and I can fit about 2 slices of toast in there. I did all my baking in that little oven and well, although it did the trick, … Continue reading Baked Parmesan Potato Wedges

Late Night Baking Time – Apple Crisp

It was about time that I finally baked again. It's been so busy lately I don't have time for the little things like baking. From classes to essays to parties, it's a wonder how I even get time to breathe a little. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying life so that's a plus! So last night I had … Continue reading Late Night Baking Time – Apple Crisp

Dusseldorf Christmas Market

Last weekend my friends and I made a trip to one of Europe's famous Christmas markets. We went to the market in Dusseldorf for a day. I had heard so many good things about these markets that I couldn't wait to finally go to one! Germany is really nearby where I live so the trip … Continue reading Dusseldorf Christmas Market

Oreo Churros – How not to do it

Last night, I was browsing Facebook and Pinterest and I came across how to make Oreo Churros. It seemed like such an amazing recipe that would have oh-so-satisfying results. I'm a great lover of classic churros, but Oreo churros sounded even better. I had never tried them before and decided to give it a shot. I … Continue reading Oreo Churros – How not to do it

Indian Night

Every year around Diwali, I plan an Indian dinner for just a couple of my closest friends. I experiment with different Indian recipes and just have a good time celebrating the Hindu festival. I can't deny that it always takes a lot of effort. (I was in the kitchen all day yesterday!) It's only once … Continue reading Indian Night

Happy Diwali!

Oh boy, if I could get a silver coin every time I was asked "What's Diwali anyway?" I would have a lot of silver coins by now, which would have been convenient since my current amount of silver coins at the moment is zero. Diwali or Deepavali fell on the 11th of November this year. The reason … Continue reading Happy Diwali!