Spooky Arubian Folklore

Heya fellow readers, Guess what, it's Friday and that means it's my day to post! This week's theme is scary stories. Pretty appropriate right before Halloween, eh? So since my life is far from scary unless you count all the pizza/bacon/chocolate-less days, I decided to opt for a scary story I grew up with back on … Continue reading Spooky Arubian Folklore


A Peek into my Life…

Hi guys! I'm back again with a collab post. The purpose of this week's theme is to let all of you lovely people get a little peek into our daily lives. Although I live in a different time zone than all the other collabees, my life isn't much different than the next chick on the … Continue reading A Peek into my Life…

Autumn in Nijmegen

Hello my lovely readers! I'm back again with another post that's part of the Autumn/Fall Collab! (At the end of this post you'll find a list with links to the blogs of the other collab members!) Ahh, we have passed the Autumnal Equinox and here we are.. It's officially Autumn! Even though the weather has … Continue reading Autumn in Nijmegen

Game Day? You mean, food day.

Football. The most confusing word for a game. - I don't mean the actual word, which is basically foot-ball: ball being kicked by a foot - wait what? No. That's not what they meant. They meant that game I've seen Americans go nuts about. Yep, that's this week's theme for the collab! - Game Day Traditions! Where … Continue reading Game Day? You mean, food day.

Getting psyched for Autumn!

The long and dark gloomy days are nearing. The wind is kicking in and so are the raging clouds. Here come the days of fuzzy jackets, stockings, and warm boots. Long gone are the days of cute floral summer dresses and picnicking in parks... Fear Autumn not! The dark days of cold nights aren't all bad. … Continue reading Getting psyched for Autumn!