The Reality of Valentine’s Day (for a Masters Student)


A Peek into my Life…

Hi guys! I'm back again with a collab post. The purpose of this week's theme is to let all of you lovely people get a little peek into our daily lives. Although I live in a different time zone than all the other collabees, my life isn't much different than the next chick on the … Continue reading A Peek into my Life…

Life in “frog-land”: Birthdays

It's funny how simple birthday traditions can seem so different across cultures. Since my move to the Netherlands, I've noticed a lot of little things that are different from where I come from yet, kind of, the same. Let me elaborate.. Last Friday, I had the pleasure of being reminded that I'm yet another year … Continue reading Life in “frog-land”: Birthdays

Introduction to “My life in ‘Frog-land'”

Back in the Summer of 2012, I made the decision to move to the one place on earth I never thought I'd ever end up; The Netherlands. It was such a spontaneous move, or as spontaneous as it could get. ย Where my peers got an entire year to prepare and do the paper work, I … Continue reading Introduction to “My life in ‘Frog-land'”