My Favourite Summer Lips

Hello, fellow lipstick lovers!

I’m here with a simple post on my favourite lip products during the warm summer season. Although it’s actually quite dark and gloomy these days here, it’s still summer compared to the rest of the year. That calls for floral dresses, flowy skirts, and cute tops (albeit paired with denim jackets and cardigans).

Summer lips_1

Summer usually calls for the no-makeup-makeup look, so that means lots of shimmers and lipgloss. For me, that also means pinky toned shades.

Summer lips_2

But who says summer is all nude? I open my arms to brighter shades (like many others, I’m sure).

Summer lips_3

On my trip, I picked one of the bold Maybelline lipstick shades. It was definitely a step out of my comfort zone but I did it and wore it almost throughout my holiday. It’s the only bright orange lip shade in the pictures of this post.

Summer lips_4

The shades pictured in this post are the following:

Brownie Pink by Note – lovely nourishing lipstick in a bright pink shade

Lasting Finish by Kate in 101 by Rimmel London – at first I wasn’t too sure about this shade as it was quite a pale pink, but it’s quite nice for this time of year! Especially when paired with my Kiko smart pencil in 704!

Orange Danger Bold 883 by Maybelline – definitely stepped out of my comfort zone, but I love it! Perfect for this season!


Summer lips_5

Fresia Crayon by Swan Cosmetics – really nice shimmery pinky tone crayon

With my Heels on by Melanie Mills – for when I want to wear a red lip without the va-vavoom and with a bit of a shine

Smart lip pencil in 704 by Kiko – whether it’s winter or summer, this will always be my go-to lip liner! It makes any shade “my” shade

Lip gloss by Evelyn Iona (I actually don’t know the shade of this lipgloss. It’s not on the packaging and not on the website, either. All I know is that I love this lipgloss)

Summer lips_6


Summer lips_7

Do you own any of these shades? What do you think?

What are your favourites for the warm summer season? Leave me a comment with your favourite shade!


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