Hi beauties!

I was recently in France and stumbled upon (two) wild Sephoras. Who would have known Frankfurt didn’t have one but a little city like Colmar and Strasbourg did!

I didn’t expect to find a Sephora, so I didn’t actually have such a budget for a proper palette, but I ended up getting it anyway as a present! I was so excited to use this because it’s been hyped up SO much! I mean, it was limited edition quite a while back and now it’s back and here to stay (if I’m not mistaken).

This is also my first ever product by Too Faced so I was beyond excited!

Sweet Peach Palette_1

I absolutely love the packaging of this palette. It’s so cute and bright and perfect for summer. Although I prefer bigger mirrors in palettes, this one is just right!

Sweet Peach Palette_2

And can we just talk about the scent of this palette? It obviously smells of sweet peaches, but it’s just something I love about this palette. Lots of palettes nowadays have a scent, which I wasn’t too keen on in the beginning but now it’s just a really nice addition to the experience of wearing eyeshadow!

Sweet Peach Palette_3

I’ve heard so many good things about this palette, from the formula to the packaging to the colour selection.

Sweet Peach Palette_4

I definitely love the packaging and the colour selection. They’re all very wearable shades and definitely shades that I don’t own myself. I do wish there was more of an orangey shade, but that’s all I was missing from this palette. As for the formula, some of the shades are really creamy and pigmented, but other shades weren’t as great. I feel like “white peach” and “georgia” are a little on the chalky side.

I do, however, love the shades “candied peach”(lovely crease shade), “summer yum” (beautiful warm reddish tone), “bellini” (love the golden specks in the pink shade!), and “bless her heart” (love this green so much).

Sweet Peach Palette_5

This palette can go from daily casual to smoking evening. This palette is all I’ve been using lately and I don’t regret asking this as a present.

Sweet Peach Palette_6

Below are the swatches of the shades in this Sweet Peach palette.

Sweet Peach Palette_8

(Swatches from bottom to top are the shades from left to right in the palette (“white peach” to “charmed, I’m sure” and “nectar” to “delectable”)

Sweet Peach Palette_9

(Swatches from bottom to top – right to left in the palette (“peaches ‘n cream” to “talk derby to me”).

Below are two looks I’ve made with this palette, one more gold based and the other more pink based. You could see them as a night look and a day look:


For this look, I used the shade “nectar” as the pop of colour in the middle of my lid. It was basically the center of attention of this eye-look. I initially went for a halo eye shadow look but in the end I’m not sure I really succeeded. I should have probably added some more of the darker shades on the inner side of my lid.


In the next look (below) I used “bellini” as the pop of colour of the eye-look. I’m absolutely in love with this shade. It’s a beautiful pink shade with golden specks of glitter in it. In the crease, I used “summer yum” and “candid peach”. I did miss some warm orange, so I used another eye shadow by Sephora.


Yes that little eyebrow hair sticking up is also getting on my nerves, but hey, that’s the reality of my eyebrows, ha!


All in all, the question is:

Do I think this palette is worth the hype?

I did expect a little bit more of this palette in terms of quality and shades, but honestly, I really love this palette. I think my expectations were really high because of the hype, hence the minor disappointment. Regardless, I still adore this palette!

Do you already own this palette or do you want to get your hands on one? What is your opinion on this palette? Do you think it’s worth the hype?


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