My new NYX lippies

First off, I’d like to apologise for my hiatus. I finally have some time away from my thesis (because I’m honestly just going insane from it as you may have read in my previous post.. and I’m also waiting for feedback). To those who stuck around, THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU.

Right, so I’ve got to admit these NYX lippies aren’t exactly new but since I haven’t blogged properly in a while (and I haven’t been rocking any look other than the hobo look, a.k.a. wearing glasses and t-shirts all day every day) I figured they’re pretty much new to me…



There has been some debate in the bloggersphere on whether these NYX lipsticks (or actually liquid lipstick and matte lip cream) are good or not. So let’s get on to my perspective on things, shall we?

Starting off with:

NYX lingerie in the shade Exotic.


Many people find the Nyx Lingerie line extremely drying and crusty. Unfortunately, I’d have to agree with these people. This lipstick is quite drying and on its own, but not as drying as my other shade in Nyx Lingerie. I can also definitely feel the product on my lips. It leaves a tingling sensation on the lips.

I often wear lip balm or lip liner underneath, which can make a world of difference! It doesn’t feel as drying and doesn’t crumble off as quickly either.


I currently own two Nyx Lingerie liquid lipsticks and absolutely adore them (as long as I’m wearing a lip liner or some lip balm underneath). The other shade I own is Ruffle Trim. It’s a beautiful nude, although with my skin tone I need a darker shade of lip liner to be able to really pull it off.

Exotic is also a really a beautiful colour, which really suits my skin tone, in my humble opinion. It’s a reddish town with brown undertones. I feel like I can even wear this on a daily basis, i.e. it’s not a very bright colour (not so say you can’t wear bright colours on a day-to-day basis!) I can’t wear Ruffle Trim without a darker shade of lip liner, but I can definitely wear Exotic on its own. I like this shade better than Ruffle Trim, especially for my own skin tone) if I’m being completely honest!

The pictures below are taken in natural light and are unedited.


The lasting power of this one is really great! It really sticks to your lips, often leaving a bit of a stain. However, I do find that once I’ve taken a bite of something or had a drink, the product just melts away quickly. It does tend to leave a little circle around my lips, which I find unflattering. Luckily, I usually wear lip liner underneath this product. This ensures that I still have some colour after some product has melted off. So that’s a tip for ya! Always wear lip liner under your liquid lipsticks!

Moving on to the next lippie in line:

Soft matte lip cream in the shade Abu Dhabi


This formula, as compared to the Lingerie, is so buttery and creamy! It’s not extremely drying and isn’t crumbly at all. I love the way this product applies. It’s smooth and creamy and definitely easy to apply. It also dries quickly into a wearable smooth nude shade.

It’s a warm-toned nude shade with peachy undertones, which is great for everyday wear! I feel like it’s my perfect nude lipstick.


As you can see from the swatch and the product on my actual lips (below), when I swatched it, it looked much darker than it actually was on my lips. The colour on the picture of the shade at the Nyx stand in the shop is a really bad indication of what the colour really looks like. Swatching it definitely gives you a better idea…

I feel like it even has a liquid lipstick finish, although it’s called soft matte lip cream. I only think that this tube is so tiny! I feel like I’d need so many of these in just a few months if I were to wear it daily.

Although I think it’s probably my perfect nude, I still tend to wear a darker shade of lip liner underneath this product just to give it that little oomph.


A minus point of this one is the lasting power. It comes off relatively quickly after eating or drinking something. Although it doesn’t transfer, it does melt away quickly once I eat.

On a brighter note, it smells like cupcakes and candy. I swear, I could not understand what everyone meant with it smelling so sweet. But, boy, now I get it. I actually quite like it, though. It’s sweet but not so overpowering that it makes you sick or anything.

The last product I bought was:

Nyx Lip Liner in the shade SPL801 Auburn


I tend to wear this lip liner under the shade Exotic, mentioned earlier in this post. Although the shades aren’t identical, I do feel it makes a nice base under the Nyx Lingerie Exotic.

I have to admit, this isn’t the creamiest or best lip liner yet, but it does its job and I love the shade.


It’s a wearable burned red shade with purple undertones.


And this concludes my post for today! Thank you all for reading!

Do you own any Nyx Lingerie or Soft matte lip creams? Or any other lip products by Nyx? What’s your opinion on this brand? Total bargain or not worth it?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


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13 thoughts on “My new NYX lippies

  1. Great post girl! Lovely pics and shades! I’ve meaning to try these but didn’t get the chance but def gonna buy when I hit the store next week 🙂 Can’t wait to try them and thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Great review! I had Ruffle trim and although I loved the colour I hated how drying it was. I even used a lip liner! I’ve had a lot of misses with NYX so I think I might avoid them for awhile for my cosmetics needs 🙍🏽

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lingerie line is my favourite by far of any liquid lipsticks on the market! Loved this post so much thought and detail. I recently purchased NYX Glitters and chromes pots and oh my 😍✨😍✨ I’m actually training as an MUA and i have just passed my Makeup Diploma. I written quite a few reviews and tutorials on how to’s with a full face of makeup, product, time & technique explained! I’d love for you to check out my blog it would mean the 🌎
    Lots of love Cheyanne from 💗

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