Why Priyanka Chopra and I would be BFFs

Okay, before you say anything. I swear this isn’t click bait. I honestly think Priyanka would totally get me. And if you wondered what my URL was all about, then keep reading. How are Priyanka Chopra and my URL related? Yeah, now that’s click bait. (And also actually true..)

First things first, what kind of Bollywood fan would I be if I didn’t admit to loving Priyanka back then before she stepped into Hollywood and showered the world with her plain awesomeness. I loved her back when she starred in awfully comforting movies like Pyaar Impossible and Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. Ahh.. those were the days.

Now PC has embarked onto the life of Hollywood and is being invited on shows like the Late Show  with Stephen Colbert.

Now, why do I mention this particular show, you ask?

In this episode (see video below), Stephen comments on PC’s accent. “I love how you say dancing, say it again, please”. Apparently her way of saying ‘dancing’ was so very elegant. She then responded by saying that her accent is as confusing as she feels.

She calls her accent a “global accent”.

That’s where I definitely relate to PC. Some people have asked me why my URL is “The girl with an Accent”. Here, my friends, is the answer…

Accents are a funny thing, and until watching PC on this show, I didn’t realise other people may also identify similarly.

Growing up in different environments led PC to posses a range of accents of sorts… Although I grew up in one place, I was still influenced by several languages. I was brought up in a home where we spoke two languages – one of which was English; however, my parents weren’t the best speakers of English. Not only that, but my parents spoke Indian English. Hence, I also spoke Indian English. Mind you, Indian English in a place where English was mostly influenced by American media was no joke.

Usually, when hearing someone speak English for the first time, it’s not too difficult to place that person’s accent. Mine, on the other hand, is a whole other story. It also changes depending on who I’m speaking to. And I don’t mean just my vocabulary and grammatical tendencies, but my actual accent.

When speaking to my parents it’s full on Indian accent, when speaking to my Indian friends is quite American, and when speaking at uni is a mix of American and British.

I’ve always had difficulty explaining my accent to others – now I know what to call it. I’ve got a global accent. A little bit of multiple accents.

All in all, my accent can be quite confusing to people, myself including. Thanks to PC, I can now conclude that I probably have a “global accent”, similar to hers. (Although I don’t sound anything like her most of the time…).

Watch Priyanka on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert below to see for yourself!

So what did you think of Priyanka and her global accent? Do you think you have a global accent as well? If you do, holler at me in the comments and we can be friends too! (And if you don’t, holler at me anyway!)

Until next time and thanks for reading!


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9 thoughts on “Why Priyanka Chopra and I would be BFFs

  1. I ended up watching the whole video 😛
    I think my accent is an odd one too. Firstly I was born in Fiji and our Hindi in Fiji is different to what is spoken in India. Basically a differently dialect. And then we moved to Australia. Some words I say sound really Aussie..but mostly, I too have a “global” accent 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahha it’s entertaining isn’t it! Omg that’s really cool! I wanted to say I didn’t know they speak Hindi in Fiji, but if I think about it, there are indians everywhere hence hindi is also spoken basically everywhere, hahah. But how is different from the way Hindi is spoken in India? Is it that different that it’s difficult to comprehend if you’re not from Fiji? Haha yass global accents! It’s fascinating how this “global” accent can differ across languages and individuals. Thanks for reading!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes that’s exactly it. I can understand Hindi perfectly. but when I went to India a few years ago they couldn’t understand my version of Hindi.
        The Indians that were taken to Fiji by the British all those years were from several different parts of India so our dialects are all a bit mixed up. It almost sounds a bit Bhojpuri.


  2. she’s absolutely gorgeous! frickin love her. and your post absolutely makes sense. I’m the same way being 1st generation filipino american. How i speak and sound changes with whom im speaking to. although my elders have a hard time understanding me cuz im so “taglish’ (tagalog and english) Some of my friends say its some type of adapting, so you can relate more to whomever youre speaking to. good read darling!

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    1. Yass I love her!! It’s so fascinating how language evolves – and especially because we’re mixing languages it evolves in ways we never thought possible (taglish). And yeah, we do tend to adapt to those we’re speaking to – it’s the Communication Accommodation Theory. We do this automatically – for example if the person we’re speaking to is a lower level speaker of a language. But I have a completely different accent depending on who I’m speaking to!
      Thank you for reading ❤


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