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Glitter, glitter, everywhere. I honestly used to cringe at the sight of it and feared it as my worst makeup phobia. I can’t, however, deny that it really has started to grow on me – quite fondly actually.

Well, hello there, you! I do hope you’ve been quite alright especially considering it’s the new year! Yeah, I know a couple of days have passed since 2016 bid farewell to us. But why can’t we frolic all year long to a very happy 2017?

Yep, that’s my new year’s resolution, I’ve just decided. I am going to frolic all year long as to what an amazing year this is going to be. That way, nothing can upset me. Because everyday is new year’s day. A day for resolutions. A day for change. I say, you should all join me too! Be excited and happy for every coming day.

Okay, I’m getting side-tracked. You obviously clicked on this post to see what makeup look I (experimented with) conjured up that led me to say glitter eyes are in. (Or you were just curious to see what your fellow blogger was up to and to get my stats up – for that I fist-bump you. I love you. I need you… Okay moving on.)

I mean you can’t deny that glitter really IS in, though. Everywhere I look: the hottest new trends – it’s the one thing I see – freaking discoballs for faces.

Highlighters have become a huge trend and I bet they will stay that way at least for the foreseeable future. *Cue in flashbacks of the full face glitter challenge everywhere – eek.

In December’s StyleTone box I received just that – glitter. I received a highlighter trio by City Color and a little container of beautiful shimmery silver glitter – great for the holidays they said. Guys, I was literally the only one wearing glitter. Glitter for holidays is a LIE.


Regardless of me being the only disco ball in the room – I felt bloody fabulous ’cause that’s just what glitter does, I’ve come to learn of late.

Here’s what I came up with:


“What the hell, there’s no glitter on your face, you disco-ball wannabe”. No, no. Look closer, I say.


Bear in mind, this was my first try. I decided to make a glitter winged liner. (As you may have seen from one of my Instagram posts? Hint, hint, follow meeeeeee). Okay so I was pretty darn proud of my wing. ‘Cause check that wing, thoooo. I used Maybelline Eyestudio gel liner in Charcoal Charbon. And patted on some of Bellapierre cosmetics’  glitter pot in Spectra

I got this glitter pot in the StyleTone box of December. When I first got it, I was both intimidated and excited. It’s a really pretty bright silver glitter with specs of cool-toned shades of glitter.



Okay, okay, so there isn’t much shimmer in this one. But I swear in person! Wowie! That ish shined! Also note the highlighter on my face. It’s a bronzy highlighter from the Highlighter Trio by City Color.

As for eyeshadows, I went for yellow toned bronzy colours from Urban Decay’s Naked 1 and Makeup Revolution’s Pink Fizz palette. I added the same bronzy shades (dark horse) on my lower lash line and the brighter shades in my inner corners. On my lower waterline I used jelly pong pong’s off-white nude eye liner.


I’m also wearing Kiko’s Lip Crayon with a layer of Urban Decay’s Hitch Hike and Sleek’s matte liquid lipstick. (Review on the latter soon!)


Okay so, since I freaking loved this glitter eyeliner look, I decided to take the plunge and go all glitter over my lid for new year’s eve. This is where I was literally the only one wearing glitter. I mean new year’s eve is THE time for glitter if not ever. Wouldn’t you agree?!


Okay guys I SHIT YOU NOT THIS TOOK ME LITERALLY AN HOUR TO DO. I was so nervous I’d screw up with the glitter and get it all over my face (where it kind of landed after a few hours).


I also sincerely apologize for the awful quality of the pictures. Like I said, this took my way too long to do, and so I was running out of time and resorted to taking pictures on my phone in bad lighting. (hello kitchen towel roll in the bottom pic)


I also didn’t have any glitter glue, but did have some liquid glitter which I applied to my lid (which had some shadow on it already). Before that dried, I applied some of this Bella pierre Cosmetics’ glitter with a eyeshadow brush on top.


I also paired the glitter with purple toned eye-shadows. And went with a purple pink lip.

I’m wearing The Balm’s Adoring on the lips paired with some Urban Decay’s Hitch Hike to give it a slightly more red tone.


Since I had absolutely no time for eyeliner (and I thought the glitter was quite enough), I went with ridiculous amount of coats of mascara. I’m wearing Kiko‘s Extra Sculpt Volume mascara here.


It may not look it, but this took an insane amount of blending – which is why it took so freaking long to create. (And even then I wasn’t completely happy with the blend)

As for my glitter looks, all the beauty gurus know I need practice. However, I was quite content with what I managed to create on my eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you wear glitter? Are you a pro? Teach me your ways, glitter guru. If not, have you ever tried working with glitter? What are your thoughts on the hottest trend? Let me know in the comments below! Or tweet me @tgwaaxvx (I’m usually always tweeting crap on Twitter, so you’ll surely find me on there regardless of what I should be doing).

As always, thanks for reading and until next time!


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