An Excuse for a Winter Wonderland 

Sleigh bells ring.. are you listening? 

In the lane… snow is glistening

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight 

Walking in a winter wonder- *cues reverse record sound*

“It’s already the second week of January. Why the hell are you still singing Christmas songs?” you ask?

It’s because of good ol’ Dutch weather. It was warm as Spring on Christmas day. Two days ago, it started to snow out of the blue (although let’s get real, it never really snows out of the blue, does it? Horribly negative zeros are involved as foreshadowing).

Whilst the rest of the Dutch population was groaning at the white specks settling into the ground, I happily relished in the thought that I could go out and take beautiful pictures of the bright outdoors.

I always think, if the weather is going to make me suffer with negative zeros, it might as well give me some snow to be happy about.

Unfortunately, the snow wasn’t thick enough even for a snowball. The snow, unsurprisingly, melted away the next day as if the ground had never known it.

On that warm note, here are some photos I took in the park in Nijmegen.


This one managed to become my absolute favourite (as you may have noticed from my new header image on my page). I love how the leaf coups up the snow as if holding on to it like it’s meant to be. (trying to think like Yeats but horribly failing obviously).


I hope you liked my collection of 2017’s first snow pictures! Which one is your favourite? (Or maybe you didn’t like any at all – in that case, your least favourite?)

Until next time (soon, hopefully)

 PS: I just want to take a moment to apologize for abandoning my blog basically midway through BLOGMAS. Well, that was a miserably fail, wasn’t it? I’ve got exams through the month of January (hurray for one down today!) so blogging has been set a side a little for now… but I will be back soon in full force! 

On that note, are we friends on social media yet? I tweet a lot of crap and update religiously on Instagram! (I’m also always on Pinterest and looking for a new book on Goodreads)







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