Fun-Filled Evening | Blogmas 2016

Hello there fellow readers!

So what’s the holidays without a fun and cozy evening?

I actually had an amazing night with a friend a few days ago. We planned to wear our coziest pajamas,  bake some gingerbread cupcakes, listen to Micheal Buble, watch a Christmas film, and have loads of Christmas fun – as corny as that sounds. I guess a corny filled night is just something we need sometimes when life gets the way it does this time of year.

So this is your guide to a cozy and fun evening at a very low cost!

Step 0: PJs

Okay so the reason this is step 0 is because its a given. Excuse me but I’m not going to be parading around my own apartment in jeans at this hour. Especially this evening calls for your fuzzies and cutest pajamas. Mine were from Primark – a fun pink and white fluffy pajama set. The top is full sleeves and has the face of a fox (I think). The cutest part is it’s pink nose that looks like a bauble sticking out in the middle of the top. I absolutely love it!

Step 1: Dinner time.

So we started off with making dinner – since our night started a little early – whilst obviously listening – and dancing – to my Christmas spotify playlist. We made chicken tikka masala with rice. Very simple recipe! The main ingredient was the masala mix which only essentially needed tomato purée, cream and chicken. Of course, I just had to add some veggies – onions, zucchini and mushrooms.

Step 2: Dessert time.

After having dinner, we decided to have a glass of wine and then go on to making gingerbread cupcakes!

I’d like to say that it’s my recipe, but let’s be real. It’s not. I was so afraid they’d be a complete and total fail (like last year – they were so gross I had to throw out the entire batch) but they were a complete success! I highly recommend this recipe. Find it at SallysBakingAddiction (click for the link).

Step 3: Christmas film

We ended up watching one of my all time favourite Christmas films: Arthur Christmas! I highly recommend this film. I only first watched it last year but I completely fell in love! It’s a whole other take to the Santa story.

Step 4: WINE

Yep. Cupcakes, Christmas film and wine. These ingredients make for the the perfect Christmas evening. And don’t forget the comfy fuzzy PJs!

Not only do I recommend the gingerbread cupcakes recipe, I also recommend this kind of fun-filled night! It involved alcohol, but most importantly it involved a really good time – as cheesy as that sounds. At almost no cost! Having food at home is always cheaper.

We literally had cupcakes and wine and watched Arthur Christmas. And honestly, you don’t need a whole group of friends to have a fun night. You could even do these alone – I know I do quite often enough!

Image result for arthur christmas

We also had loads of fun decorating these cupcakes! Cream cheese frosting is the best. I think it’s better than butter cream frosting even though it isn’t as easy to decorate with.

What to you do for a fun-filled evening?

Later alligators!


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13 thoughts on “Fun-Filled Evening | Blogmas 2016

  1. Sounds like the perfect night. 🙂

    I love to do a gift wrapping/xmas tree decorating get together.. make a batch of cookies and some hot chocolate while we get it all done. this year will be a slight twist, we’re making some care packages to give out to the homeless for the holidays

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