My Top Holiday Lipsticks | Blogmas 2016

Hello dearies!

So I’ve been quite obsessed with lipsticks lately (for past two years, oops). During the Summer, we’re more inclined to stick to the ‘natural’ look, which includes beautiful nudes. But wearing more bold – and not to mention red – lipsticks are more acceptable during the holiday season. That is not to say bold lips aren’t acceptable year round. It’s just red looks more festive and red just happens to be a bold lip colour.


So I thought I’d line up my my favourite lip colours for this holiday season. I tend to reach out for my red-toned lipsticks. But a beautiful berry colour also works!


I wanted to do swatches or actually wear the lipsticks and take pictures. However, my skin has started to react to the dry cold weather. And quite badly unfortunately. It looks like I have a weird white beard going on and my hands are a whole different story.Β So I thought of another way to display the lipsticks!


The Balm’s Adoring (yeah I made a mistake in my notebook), Mac’s Rebel, and Christian Dior’s rouge dior 786 are all berry toned shades. Not quite the festive red, but nonetheless beautiful shades Β that are definitely Christmas appropriate! Although they’re berry-toned, they still have tones of red in them, if that makes any sense?


Urban Decay’s Hitch Hike is definitely a nice “every day red”. I wrote a post dedicated to this beautiful lipstick here.



Rimmel’s Lasting finish by Kate is the deepest red I have. Surprisingly I don’t actually have a classic red – shocking, isn’t it?

Long Lasting Lipstick HEMA 02 (the last on the list) may seem quite purple-ish, but on the lips it’s quite red!


What are your favourite holiday season lipstick shades? Do you have any of the lipsticks in this post? What do you think of them?

Smile because wearing lipstick is always fun!


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