Welcome to Blogmas with The Girl with an Accent!

Hi my lovely readers!

I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately… life happens as you all know. November flew by in a blink of an eye and, would you have it, it’s already the last month of the year 2016! I’ve seen many bloggers and YouTubers do blogmas/vlogmas and thought I’d give it a try too (or at least attempt at it). As you may have noticed – or not – the Autumn collab failed towards the end, so my cute little blogfam – Jacqueline and Morgan – decided to do Blogmas together! Jacqueline has posted a list of topics for Blogmas to choose from every day so don’t hesitate to join in! And if you do, please leave a link so we can stop by!

If you’re unfamiliar with Blogmas, it basically means we’ll be posting some Christmas related idea everyday on our blogs for the month of December. On that note, Morgan and Jacqueline have started their very own vlogging channel! Both very different styles but really fun to watch! Here are their links: Morgan’s and Jacqueline’s. I may start up a YouTube channel one day, but that day is not today.


On that Christmas-y note, here are pictures from the Oberhausen Christmas market I went to last week! Absolutelyย magical and a must to visit once!


I’m so excited to finally and officially start the Christmas mood! Although I’m not a Christian, I was brought up with this tradition and absolutely adore it. I love the Christmas cheer and the cozy mood around this time of year. It makes the dark and busy days of uni so much more bearable!

If you’re also doing blogmas, leave me a link in the comments below and I’ll definitely stop by!!

Thanks for reading,

Smile ’cause it’s Christmas!



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