Subtle X-mas Party Make up Look | Blogmas 2016

Welcome back to my blog and my blogmas series! Today I've got a subtle Christmas party makeup look for you. Every where on the internet I see all these dramatic makeup looks that would make me look downright out of place no matter how fabulous the makeup look is. I actually had a university Christmas party … Continue reading Subtle X-mas Party Make up Look | Blogmas 2016


First ever vlog / vlogmas! | Blogmas 2016

Hey guys! So I finally did it! I made a vlog of my day at the Antwerp Christmas Market last Friday! Some things went wrong while editing - but hey, you live, you learn, right? I'm flying to Dublin tomorrow and I'll be back by the end of the week. So follow me on Instagram, … Continue reading First ever vlog / vlogmas! | Blogmas 2016

Top Christmas Films | Blogmas 2016

Heya readers! Since December started I've been watching a short Christmas film on Netflix basically everyday. They're max 90 minutes usually and counts as break time for me for the entire night. I've watched some bad films and then some. In this post I'll round up some of my all-time favourites but some that I've … Continue reading Top Christmas Films | Blogmas 2016

The Real Neat Blog Award!

Heya guys! I was nominated by the sweet heart Wendy from The Mew Life . Thank you so much, Wendy!! Be sure to pop on over to her blog, she posts things from everyday life from recipes to day-to-day happenings and give-aways!   The Rules: 1. Post the Award logo and answer the questions asked by … Continue reading The Real Neat Blog Award!

Christmas Menu Ideas | Blogmas 2016

Well hello there my lovely readers, Christmas is approaching at a rapid rate and I'm almost sad it will soon all be over. I enjoy the days building up to Christmas more than the actual day. All of the hype around the holiday is what's worth it. Speaking of Christmas day, I'm actually planning a … Continue reading Christmas Menu Ideas | Blogmas 2016

Fun-Filled Evening | Blogmas 2016

Hello there fellow readers! So what's the holidays without a fun and cozy evening? I actually had an amazing night with a friend a few days ago. We planned to wear our coziest pajamas,  bake some gingerbread cupcakes, listen to Micheal Buble, watch a Christmas film, and have loads of Christmas fun - as corny as … Continue reading Fun-Filled Evening | Blogmas 2016

My Top Holiday Lipsticks | Blogmas 2016

Hello dearies! So I've been quite obsessed with lipsticks lately (for past two years, oops). During the Summer, we're more inclined to stick to the 'natural' look, which includes beautiful nudes. But wearing more bold - and not to mention red - lipsticks are more acceptable during the holiday season. That is not to say … Continue reading My Top Holiday Lipsticks | Blogmas 2016

TBR Bookmas | Blogmas 2016

Hi guys! First of all, I'd like to apologize. I said I'll do Blogmas and then I disappeared for 3 days. Oops. Life happens, and to be honest, no inspiration? C'mon, it happens to everyone. Anyway! So lately I've been obsessed with reading Christms-themed books. Okay so I may have not actually read any of … Continue reading TBR Bookmas | Blogmas 2016

My Christmas Playlist | Blogmas 2016

Hi there my lovely reader! I'm here to share my Christmas playlist with you. This playlist a complete must before I start decorating for Christmas - I haven't actually decorated yet because here in the Netherlands we have something called "Sinterklaas pakjes avond" on the 5th of December. Sinterklaas is basically "St. Nicolas" and comparable … Continue reading My Christmas Playlist | Blogmas 2016

My Christmas Wishlist | Blogmas 2016

  Heelloo my lovely readers! This is officially my first post on Blogmas (if you don't count my Christmas market picture experience!) We often associate Christmas with the new and throwing out the old (since it's so close to new year's). And with new things comes a wish list, because how will people know what … Continue reading My Christmas Wishlist | Blogmas 2016