Halloween Make-up Inspiration

Hello my lovely readers!

It’s Friday! My favourite day of the week. The day where doing actual work isn’t so bad because you know when you go home, it’ll be an epic night whether it’s having far too many cocktails or finishing a tube of Pringles while binge watching Gilmore Girls (guilty!).

So let’s get one thing straight. When it comes to Halloween, I get really excited. The decor, spooky ambiance, spooky films! However, I’m a pretty lazy person when it comes to the actual going of Halloween parties. Yeah, what kind of 20 something year old even thinks twice before jumping on the opportunity of an awesome costume party?! This one does, yeah. Just call me a grandma, I’m used to it.

This brings us to this week’s collab post! Halloween costume ideas! So like I said, I get lazy when I have to put in actual effort as I would have to for a Halloween party. As much as I hate to admit it, I really put a costume together quite last minute (which usually results in not-so-impressive costumes).

I usually end up digging through my closet and makeup stash a few hours before the party.

Today I have for you a simple costume idea: Red Riding Hood. One of my favourites! I actually really love the wolf, but since I recently dyed some of my hair red, I wanted to go for something red-related. So I thought red riding hood would be appropriate.


As you can see, I went heavy on the eye-makeup. Dark smokey eyes with some red tones. I actually don’t own any red eye-shadow. But I do own red lipstick. Yep, I basically patted on red lipstick on my eyelid! (On top of other orange-y sparkly eye-shadow). There’s a quick tip for ya! I also applied a slight amount of that red lipstick under my lower lash-line to add some dimension to the smokey look.


As for the lips, I mixed my red lipstick with some black eyeliner – also a quick tip to darken up your lipstick!


I packed on quite a bit of foundation, and tried to do a heavy contour.


Yes, and that red hood you see on me? It’s a scarf. I obviously don’t have a red cape lying around, so I figured a scarf could do the job! A long scarf would be best. Mines a bright red, but if you’ve got a bloody red scarf, I bet that’d be even better!


This is of course a very basic red riding hood look. Feel free to add some dark grey-ish eye-shadow around the hollows of your eyes and under you cheekbones to create a more zombie red riding hood look. No blush, you’d have to keep the face pale for that one and I think black lips would be perfect! Add a wound here and there by mushing up some red lipstick on your face and done, I think!

Here’s a cool zombie red riding hood I found:

zombie disney princesses:

I particularly liked this one. Love the werewolf gash:

Stephanie Ledda on Instagram: “Rabid Red Riding Hood  Halloween tutorial just went live ▶️ These contacts were a bitch..if you follow me on snap you know! (snap: SMLx0) Click the link in my bio to watch it now! ❤️”:

This one just adds an awesome extra with the eye:

Halloween makeup --little red riding hood:

The werewolf gashes on this one are awesome on another level!:

Little Dead Riding Hood - Attacked by the Big Bad Wolf    Follow me on Instagram!! (: <a href="/letsbnerds/" title="Barefoot Blue Jean Princess">@Barefoot Blue Jean Princess</a>

Absolutely love this eye-makeup:

Need Halloween Inspo? These Sexy (and Spooky!) Halloween Makeup Looks Are…:

This make-up look also made it to my faves:

Oh duuude I should do this one for my devil costume for Hard Halloween                                                                                                                                                     More:

To complete the look, don’t forget to get a basket! But if you don’t, I think the message will be clear with the cape and all. Or scarf in my case. I told you, lazy bum here.

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