A Peek into my Life…

Hi guys! I’m back again with a collab post. The purpose of this week’s theme is to let all of you lovely people get a little peek into our daily lives. Although I live in a different time zone than all the other collabees, my life isn’t much different than the next chick on the street.

This semester, I’ve got class on 13:30 on Fridays. Most of my classes start after 10, which means I’ve gotten used to sleeping till later than most people and thus it takes me even longer to wake up.

So I woke up, showered, had a bowl of cereal and sat down on my desk to do this at around 11:00 :


Ah great, statistics. The exam is coming up next week, so today’s homework was making the mock exam. THE JOY.


Then I realised I really couldn’t do this without coffee. img_2602

Since class starts at 13:30, I usually have an early lunch. Grilled cheese sandwich, YES PLEASE, with a little bit of green sprinkled with Parmesan cheese on the side.


After lunch, I got ready and did my make up. It’s pretty basic – BB cream, bronzer and mascara. I was feeling like a dark autumn-y lip today so I went for it!


Pulled on a simple sweater and done. Statistics doesn’t deserve quite outfits.


12:45:  This little guy decides to hog my attention. This is his way of telling me “I want to play!!”


13:05 : I get on my cycle to make my way to uni. Luckily, it was a beautiful day! The sun was shining again!


13:20 : The struggle every day to find a parking spot for my cycle at uni. (Sorry to all those people’s cycles that I hit).


And then I realised I had class somewhere else on campus so I had to cycle to this building right here. The Spinoza building – fun fact: most of the Radboud university buildings and streets on campus are named after philosophers.

15:50 : (Class lasted a little longer this time) This is my view on the way back home. I can’t wait for the trees to change colours already! Also, that’s my first selfie whilst cycling ever. I was so scared I’d drop my phone, hence the funny face.


16:05 : Home! And decided to go ahead and make dinner (after wasting life away on Facebook, Pinterest and the like) because I was supposed to have a friend come over to have it with me. However, due to miscommunication, it didn’t work out but hey! I had dinner ready for later. I made the easiest thing any student can make – spaghetti with marinara sauce (basically). It’s vegetarian, by the way! Those are veggie meatballs I bought from the supermarket, made in tomato sauce made from scratch! Along with some zucchini and leek thrown into the mix – because I really can’t do without my veggies.

17:15 : I had a birthday party to go to that night around 19:30, so decided to do my makeup in advance. My friend would be coming over around 18:15 ish, so I thought I’d at least have my face done by then. I played around with my new Note eye shadow – it’s a really pretty purple eye shadow – in the shade 10 – as you can see in the pictures, I’ve applied it to my crease. I combined with with Smog from Naked 1 and Kiko’s eye-shadow in 139. (click on the links to know more about the products!)

Also, my eye make up pictures are always so crappy. I don’t know how to do it any better. Any suggestions are extremely welcome!


18:05 : Okay so I was starving at this point so decided to have my dinner!


19:15 : After my friend and I were done chatting up we decide to head towards the party.


19:30 : We were there and ready to help! We helped to make this beautiful spinach dip right here. Along with other things, such as rolled up ham (with corn and cream cheese in the middle, a typical Arubian snack!), butter cream frosting for the cupcakes, tuna salad, and cocktails!



img_2750We made strawberry mojitos and then anything else that tickled our fancy. All the drinks and liquor was kept on the table for us to choose.


These were the cupcakes! Some were even Oreo cupcakes!


We played a drinking game with the most scandalous questions. And we played another game where every card asks a question and we would have to decide as a group who fits that card the best. I got the 15 cards above. Apparently this is supposed say something about me, haha.

1:45 : I left the party and was on my way back home cycling in the rain. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

All in all, a great day! Not a typical Friday for me, though, with the party and all. Otherwise it was quite usual. Class, cycling, studying, cooking …

That rounds up my Friday… Don’t forget to check out the other awesome bloggers part of this collab to see what they get up to!

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      1. Well, it technically isn’t my camera, it’s actually a friend’s camera. He used to do a little photography and let me borrow it until further notice since he isn’t using it for now, haha. And it’s a Canon! Hahah I’ll take you up on that!!

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