Styletone Box: August Edition with a Full-Marks Product!

Hello there fellow readers! I’m back again with a Styletone Box review and daaaaang I am LATE! Why am I always a month late with these reviews? (or more than a month – oops) Maybe because I loved these products SO much I completely forgot about writing this post or maybe, just maybe, I couldn’t figure out whether I loved these products or not?



First up:

Ellovi Tinted Lip Butter: 5 euros – 2/5


The Ellovi tinted lip butter has only 6 ingredients and it’s considered to contain really natural and pure ingredients, which I totally love! The Alkanet -Meditteranean flower is what gives it its pinkish tint – it’s always nice to know I’m not putting awful chemicals on my skin, which is why I really love Style tone! 

The funny thing about this product is its shape, it’s oval and feels weird when applying to the lips. When applying, the rims of the product scrape against the lips, which is kind of unpleasant in my own opinion. Another thing about this lip balm is that it smells odd. I would imagine that lip balms either have a pleasant or neutral scent, especially since they’re going on your lips – but this one just smells a little strange… kind of like card board. It slightly smells of plastic as well… and artificial ingredients – which is strange since its supposed to be made of almost completely natural ingredients!

Pros of this product is that it gives a nice healthy pink tint to the lips as well as a bit of shine.

So I’ve been using this lip balm a lot lately because my lips feel really moisterised for the time the lip balm is on my lips – however it doesn’t have an extraordinary long-term effect. It also doesn’t smell too great either, which I find a real downer along with the unpleasant application. 2/5 for this one.

Seraphine Rosy Cheeks: 20 euros -2.5/5(?)


Seraphine’s Rosy Cheeks was one of the products I couldn’t decide whether I liked or not. As the previous product, it contains really natural ingredients – no mineral oils, parabens and all that- which is a definite plus! 

It also smells like an absolute dreamIt smells of wonderful roses – although it’s supposed to be an orchid shade, haha. It’s supposed to keep your lips soft and hydrated. I’d say it does its job, although I haven’t really noticed significant effects in the way my lips feel. I mean, they’re soft once I’ve applied the product.. but I don’t really feel a lasting effect?

The look, however, was one that I wasn’t very happy about. It made me look as if I’d been drinking kool-aid, which I don’t find always has a very flattering effect on the lips. It made my lips look discoloured and it was very difficult to get an even layer all over the lips. As you can see, it makes me look a bit sickly:

Then I opted to apply some of the Ellovi lip butter:

I guess it didn’t really help.

This product is also meant for cheeks. I applied it on my cheeks once and it made me look as if I had a bad redness skin issue. No thanks.

So rosy cheeks more or less does its job and smells amazing, but just doesn’t look very nice… 2.5/5?  Not sure.. I definitely don’t think I’d repurchase this item – 20 euros for a kool-aid look? 

Paese Brow Setter: 11.95 euros – [unrated]


First thing about this product is, unfortunately, it didn’t come in my shade. That’s the risk of these types of boxes, I guess. Isn’t there a beauty box out there that gets your details or sort of profile before sending you products? Like skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, etc.

This shade was the lightest one in the range and I, the one with dark brown/almost black hair, received this shade. It’s supposed to be a tinted brown setter. This product obviously didn’t do its job for me because of the shade I received.

However, although it’s not my shade and can’t really be seen on my skin, it does set my brows in place – which is awesome. I don’t own a brow-setter, so this was perfect! I usually combine this with my Revlon brow powder.


So, in sum, unfortunately it’s not in my shade, which doesn’t give me much authority to say much about this product. However, I do still use it as a brow setter and I quite like it. I don’t think I can rate this fairly so I’ll just leave this one open.

Here’s what my eyebrows look before and after using Paese‘s brow setter in combination with my Revlon brow-kit. (upper left is without any product and the other two pictures are with):

Mannakadar Radiance Split Pan Bronzer and Highlighter Duo: 18.95 euros – 5/5

Hey! We’ve come to the gem of the box!


I loved the last Mannakadar product in the StyleTone box 2 months ago. Unfortunately, I dropped it and it completely crumbled into ruins *cries in a corner*. This product proved to be just a beloved as the highlighter blush combo.

It’s a very pigmented combo of a bronzer and highlighter – both quite shimmery but absolutely beautiful! It’s light-weight and compact – only be careful not to drop it! I’m afraid it’ll turn to crumbs if I drop it like I did with the other product.

Not only can this be used to contour and highlight, it can also be used as eye-shadow! The darker colour in the crease and the lighter colour on the lids. This product is so versatile – just the way I like it.


(I just couldn’t help myself but swatch immediately after I opened it. Hence, my fingerprint in the product, haha.)

I’m not sure I can come up with any cons for this product. I absolutely love it! I first thought it would be far too small for my flat contour brush, but I was wrong! It was as if it was made for my brush, haha.

Here’s the bronzer and highlighter on my face!

All in all, Mannakadar’s duo bronzer highlighter gets 5/5 from me! It’s highly pigmented and gives off a beautiful warm and subtle contour. The versatility of it just makes it swoon-worthy. I‘m in love with their products so far and can’t wait to try out more!

Ecoco Cosmetic Glove: 7.95 euros – 4/5

When I saw this glove in the box, I thought “nah no way this is going to work” and “my gosh it’s WHITE“.


The purpose of this glove is to remove makeup with just warm water, sounds absolutely amazing, doesn’t it? Not only does it remove make-up, but it can also function as a soft scrub for the face. One side is softer than the other side, which I assume is the side for scrubbing.

After using this, my skin felt so clean and fresh. I loved using this. Only thing is until I can use it again it’s a week or so later – after I’ve done my whites, that is. Thankfully this glove is re-usable and repurchasing isn’t a total stab to the wallet.

All in all, this product wasn’t bad at all – in fact it was pretty good! I’ve never such a tried make-removing technique but I’m quite liking it! Except for the fact that I have to wash it every time is a bit of a drag, personally – but hey I guess I’m just lazy, haha.

Considering the fact that the only con about this product is that it’s sort of ‘high maintenance’ I give this product a 4/5.

All in all, I rate this box 3.38 out of 5 stars. There were two products I just didn’t really like and I’m just using them so they don’t go to waste. The brow-setter seems like a great product but I don’t think I’d be judging it fairly, which is why I left it out of the rating. The Mannakadar is by far my favourite and I’m completely obsessed! The glove is also brilliant only I don’t use it all that often because I’m lazy, haha. 

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Have you tried any other products by one of these brands? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Until next time,




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