Top Films for Halloween!

I’m back again with a post part of the collab! This week’s theme is, my favourite, films! Although I don’t get a whole lot of time, because Halloween usually means exams for me, I still enjoy watching dark and eerie films full of magic through out the month of October (or any time for that matter, but during October it’s the best!).

You’re probably expecting me to have a list of the scariest Halloween list known to man. I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint you there… I am, and am not afraid to admit it, a complete and total WUSS. There was a time I enjoyed a good scare. Those days, my friend, are far gone. I live alone, sleep alone, have to cycle through scary streets alone. NO THANKS. The last scary film I watched was last year. It was The exorcist of Emily Rose – based on true events. KAY BYE. (it’s safe to say I didn’t sleep too well for the following weeks…)

But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy spooky and magical films. On to that wuss-approved list!

Hocus Pocus (1993)

What kind of wuss would I be if I didn’t put Hocus Pocus high on that list? I cannot begin to express my love for this film. It gets me every time, and it’s the perfect Autumn/Halloween-y film. What’s better than three evil witches brought back from the dead by a skeptic? Add in a talking cat with a history, a pretty girl as the crush of the skeptic, a zombie, and a cute 8 year old to lighten the mood!

Image result for hocus pocus


Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride (2005)

When I first saw the poster and trailer for this film, I thought naaaah look lame! (said a much younger me). But when I finally did see it, I fell head over heels for this film!

This was my first Tim Burton film, and I really think that Tim Burton films usually have a wonderful Halloween feel to them!

Join Johnny Depp in his proposal to a dead bride and consequently being dragged into the underworld to join his corpse bride whilst actually being engaged to a very living woman. Hence the “grave (wink wink) misunderstanding.



Casper meets Wendy (1998) and Casper (1995)

Okay so these are technically two films, but they’re both Casper related, but they’re my two favourites!

I loved the combination of ghosts and witches in Casper meets Wendy. A young Hillary Duff finds a friend in Casper, which is a complete taboo in this world! Witches and ghosts hate each other, but Wendy manages to make friends with a ghost!


And of course, the one where we found out that Casper was actually a really cute human!



The Addams Family (1991)


I used to love watching the black-and-white show back in the day. This and The Munsters! I love the eerie feel to this film where monsters and magic is normal, whereas it’s so frightening for humans. It makes it feel like monsters have feeling too, you know. They’re just doing their thing…

Dracula (1958)

This one’s a little less “ABC family – approved”, if you know what I mean. It’s an older version of Dracula, considered one of the best out there with Christopher Lee as Dracula. I only saw this for the first time last year, and I honestly thoroughly enjoyed it. Anything involving vampires or witches? I’M THERE! 51f6gpio50l

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas

And a last extra one for a day after Halloween. It’s still got that Halloween feel to it, but gets you prepped for the next big occasion – CHRISTMAS! In my opinion, it’s the best mesh between Halloween and Christmas and the perfect film to watch a day after Halloween!


I always looked forward to 13 nights of Halloween on ABC family, or Free form as it’s now known. Here’s the line up I’ll be missing yet again this year since I don’t have the channel here!

And that rounds it up for this week’s collab post! Be sure to check out the rest of the collab bloggers and what their picks are for a Halloween film marathon!  You may just find your new favourite!

Morgan – This lover of animals is such an inspiring blogger. She blogs about lifestyle, health, beauty and more! Be sure to visit her page!

Lee – The one who came up with this collab idea! Lee is a writer and gym enthusiast and blogs about a little of everything, including life, health and beauty. Be sure to pop over and check her out!

Jacqueline Joy – With a twist of humour in her posts, this mommy of two beautiful children writes about lifestyle, beauty and everything in between. Don’t forget to head over to her page and check her out!

Jerry – I have completely fallen in love with his writing style. Beautifully descriptive! Head on over and find out what I mean!

Jenna – Jenna writes about relatable yet difficult topics, so inspirational! Give her page a visit!

Happy watching!


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8 thoughts on “Top Films for Halloween!

  1. Oh wow, I totally forgot about Casper Meets Wendy! Used to love that film so much! I’m definitely gonna re-watch some of these films this halloween as I’m a big scaredy cat and much prefer these types 🙂

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