Five Reasons Why Cycling ROCKS!

So last Friday was the last day I was allowed to use my beloved OV travel card. This precious card allowed me to travel freely with any method of transport throughout the week anywhere in the Netherlands. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Alas, five years have passed and I had to give up my travel card privileges that allowed me to go anywhere for ‘free’, basically. You’re probably thinking, uhm so what? SO this means I have to cycle everywhere. Excuse me while I disappear into my blankets and cry myself to sleep. (just kidding – sort of)

Here’s my attempt at looking at the bright side of using my cycle as my mode of transport.

1.Cycling everyday means that I won’t have to feel guilty about not working out as much! I like to kid myself that I do exercise regularly but we all know that’s a big fat lie. However now I can proudly say that I do, in fact, exercise regularly! HURRAY!

2.I can explore other parts of the city I never could before. I can stop to take in the beauty of Autumn and nature. I can really look around and get a feel of the city I’m living in on a whole other level rather than just sort of being half-asleep in the bus.

3.I can now leave whenever I want to rather than being dependent on the bus timings and not being able to stay wherever I am longer. What a buzzkill that used to be. Not anymore!

4.Grocery shopping won’t be such a drag – no I mean literally.. dragging those heavy bags everywhere is one of my worst pet peeves! Argh I absolutely hate struggling with those stupid bags. Now, however, I can use my cycle! I have a cute little basket at the front of my bike and I’ve got bags at the back, too!

5.Getting fresh air is something I feel I lack.. Staying cooped up in classrooms and in my own room isn’t exactly the best thing for circulation. I’ve got a really sensitive immune system – in other words, I tend catch a cold quickly, so this way I’ll get fresh air regularly and hopefully my chances of catching a cold will decrease since I’m basically making my body stronger this way!

Aaand that’s basically what I’m telling myself over and over again. Excuse me while I never leave my bed again. (kidding. kind of.)

Have you got any other advantages of cycling? Do you cycle to uni/work? Leave a comment below!

Smile because cycling really can be beneficial!


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