Deep Thoughts During Diwali

It's this time of year that get me thinking about my roots or where I really come from. This time of year, you think? You're probably thinking I'm referring to Halloween. No, my friend, Halloween doesn't conjure up deep thought but rather the auspicious day of Diwali. The festival of lights that is celebrated joyously … Continue reading Deep Thoughts During Diwali


Spooky Arubian Folklore

Heya fellow readers, Guess what, it's Friday and that means it's my day to post! This week's theme is scary stories. Pretty appropriate right before Halloween, eh? So since my life is far from scary unless you count all the pizza/bacon/chocolate-less days, I decided to opt for a scary story I grew up with back on … Continue reading Spooky Arubian Folklore

Halloween Make-up Inspiration

Hello my lovely readers! It's Friday! My favourite day of the week. The day where doing actual work isn't so bad because you know when you go home, it'll be an epic night whether it's having far too many cocktails or finishing a tube of Pringles while binge watching Gilmore Girls (guilty!). So let's get … Continue reading Halloween Make-up Inspiration

A Peek into my Life…

Hi guys! I'm back again with a collab post. The purpose of this week's theme is to let all of you lovely people get a little peek into our daily lives. Although I live in a different time zone than all the other collabees, my life isn't much different than the next chick on the … Continue reading A Peek into my Life…

Styletone Box: August Edition with a Full-Marks Product!

Hello there fellow readers! I'm back again with a Styletone Box review and daaaaang I am LATE! Why am I always a month late with these reviews? (or more than a month - oops) Maybe because I loved these products SO much I completely forgot about writing this post or maybe, just maybe, I couldn't figure out … Continue reading Styletone Box: August Edition with a Full-Marks Product!

Top Films for Halloween!

I'm back again with a post part of the collab! This week's theme is, my favourite, films! Although I don't get a whole lot of time, because Halloween usually means exams for me, I still enjoy watching dark and eerie films full of magic through out the month of October (or any time for that … Continue reading Top Films for Halloween!

Five Reasons Why Cycling ROCKS!

So last Friday was the last day I was allowed to use my beloved OV travel card. This precious card allowed me to travel freely with any method of transport throughout the week anywhere in the Netherlands. It sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Alas, five years have passed and I had to give up … Continue reading Five Reasons Why Cycling ROCKS!