Autumn in Nijmegen

Hello my lovely readers! I’m back again with another post that’s part of the Autumn/Fall Collab! (At the end of this post you’ll find a list with links to the blogs of the other collab members!)

Ahh, we have passed the Autumnal Equinox and here we are.. It’s officially Autumn! Even though the weather has been on the warmer side and quite pleasant during the day – the leafs have finally started to change colour and I am absolutely PSYCHED! – for a lack of a better word.

This week the theme is: top things to do in your area for Autumn.  

First, let’s learn a little Dutch, shall we? The Dutch call Autumn/Fall het najaar (pronounced /naa-yaar/ : the /aa/ as in the end of Coca Cola )- basically literally means “the after year” and spring would be voorjaar ( /voor-yaar/ : the /oo/ as in Oreo) – which is literally translated as “before year”. Another word for najaar would be herfst! Since we’ve already covered two seasons, might as well add the other two. Summer = zomer ( /zow-mər/ : the /zo/ as in zoey) and Winter = winter – basically pronounced the same.

Alright, Dutch lesson over. Moving on to the post.

To be quite honest with you, I’m usually one to stay cooped up inside with my warm cup of tea and whatever it is I’m doing – usually uni related work (eye-roll) but you get it!

The one thing that definitely popped in my head that I really look forward to here, in Nijmegen (pronounced /nei-may-gen/ /nei/ as in /a/ in name; /may/ as in “may I?” and /gen/ as in “an” but with a Dutch g in front of it?) – which is a really tiny city in the province of Gelderland and really close to the border of Germany (basically nothing much happens here – the party’s at Amsterdam et. al) is KERMIS! 

Najaarskermis is basically the Autumnal Carnival. It’s actually starting next week! And I’m so excited! Carousals, Cotton Candy, pretty lights, fun rides, candy, churros, pastries, my favourite place to be!

Image result for kermis nijmegen

Image result for kermis nijmegen

Image result for kermis nijmegen

Image result for kermis nijmegen

I mean there’s a spring and summer kermis (that would be voorjaarskermis (for spring) and zomer kermis (for summer!)) as well, but the autumn one is my favourite! It really makes the night seem not all bad – especially since days get darker and darker.

Each city has its own kermis and Nijmegen’s kermis is quite small. Some would call it boring, I call it just perfect! – be on a lookout for pictures from kermis next week! I’ll be posting some on my Instagram! Follow me here!

(For some reason I couldn’t find any decent pictures of kermis in my photos – so I took some from the internet!)

Since we’re in the Netherlands, how could I not bring up cycling? I live near the biggest park in the city, and my oh my, cycling through it is the most magical thing when the trees change colour! My route to uni is through the park and it’s the most beautiful view! So I’d definitely recommend cycling through Goffert Park in Autumn! It’s absolutely beautiful and not to mention one of the most peaceful things ever – as long as it’s not raining, of course.

2015-10-30 12.16.10.jpg

I had actually stopped to take a picture  (see above) during my ride back home because I just had to stand still and take in the beauty! 

Another thing – that I’ve wanted to do but never have – is bonfire and s’mores at Waalkade! Waalkade is the street by the river that separates Nijmegen and other cities. Sunsets are insanely beautiful from there. Although waalkade is mostly associated with summer (because of the water and all), it can be quite nice in Autumn! Replace that BBQ with a bonfire and make some s’mores!

Image result for waalkade strand nijmegen

Image result for waalkade nijmegen
Waalkade at night 

After that, I had to look up events and the like in Nijmegen because I couldn’t come up with anything else! What else is there to do in good ol’ Nijmegen during this season?

Lo and behold what I found! The Dutch Wine Festival! what?! How did I not know this existed?!

Nederlandse Wijnfeesten“!! It’s starts today! (23rd) to 25th September! There are wine workshops and there is even a competition on who can roll the wine barrel the fastest!! Ohh, the Dutch… And it’s only 10 euros a ticket! It includes a glass of wine and more! I mean, need I say more, though?

As for a more spooky thing to do in Nijmegen I found the “moordwandeling in Nijmegen” Moordwandeling literally means “murder walk”. It’s basically a tour of Nijmegen at night guided by two actors who tell spooky stories and myths about Nijmegen. Inspired by Monthy Python, the two guides take you all over the heart of Nijmegen telling spooky stories of murders and eerie tales that happened there.

Now I’m starting to wonder what kind of murder stories Nijmegen is famous for.. Here I thought Nijmegen was a simple and sweet city!

And those were my top things to do in the lovely (or is it?) city of Nijmegen!

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Thanks for reading!


**pictures in this post are not mine unless stated**

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    1. Ahh, it’s really the best! – The carnival really is a ton of fun, I can’t wait for it to open this week! And thanks! I wish they were my photos, though. 🙂 The only one that’s mine is the one that I’m actually in, haha.


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