Game Day? You mean, food day.


The most confusing word for a game. – I don’t mean the actual word, which is basically foot-ball: ball being kicked by a foot – wait what? No. That’s not what they meant. They meant that game I’ve seen Americans go nuts about.

Yep, that’s this week’s theme for the collab! – Game Day Traditions!

Where I’m from, football – a.k.a. soccer – is the biggest thing ever. The one sport that everyone looks forward to. It takes over life for a few days.

Everywhere you go, colourful jerseys, enemies become friends for a few days, beer is thrown around everywhere, there is unity in its most beautiful form.

If I’m completely and totally honest with you, I’m not a big sports fan. I mean, I get into the occasional world cup – again talking about soccer here, oops. I love how the ambiance changes. During the world cup, it’s mostly about beer. What I absolutely love about game season in America is all the types of FOOD; the beautiful and greasy snacks that I just don’t see here in Europe. Here, in the Netherlands, it’s all about the beer and “borrelnoten” – aka peanuts.

Yep, you read that right. Here I am, completely ignoring the sport and only caring about the food, food, food. It’s the reason I love going to places like TGI Friday’s.

Pinterest is full of amazing recipes of insane amount of game day snacks. The plethora of ways to make a dip for your plain old bag of nachos is happiness to a level no sport could ever take me.

Last Summer, my brother taught me how to make his version of BBQ chicken wings – which I think are a perfect game day snack or a snack for ANY day, to be honest. (C’mon, we don’t need an excuse to make BBQ Chicken Wings). And holy crap, they were the best wings I’d ever tasted. They beat TGI Friday’s Buffalo Wings for sure. With a cool dip of ranch on the side, I find my mouth watering again just thinking about it.

He was kind enough to share the recipe with me:

BBQ chicken wings for about 4- 5 people.


  • 10 chicken wings – split in two
  • Honey BBQ sauce – kraft will do – if you can’t find honey BBQ sauce, original BBQ sauce will do, but then you could add honey separately.
  • A stick of butter
  • A cup of flour
  • Garlic powder / Garlic salt
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Black Pepper
  • Salt to taste

Start off by splitting the chicken wings into two and removing all the excess skin you don’t need. Clean them up and set aside.

Put some oil for frying on the stove. While the oil heats up, make a mix of all the seasonings – Garlic powder/garlic salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt – and flour in a medium bowl.

Coat the chicken wings in the flour and deep fry these until they’re a light golden brown.

In a separate frying pan, melt the stick of butter, – careful not to let it burn! – add the the BBQ sauce to the butter. I’d say about 1 – 2 cups of the BBQ sauce. Once it’s all incorporated, go ahead and add the fried chicken wings to the sauce.

Coat the chicken wings in the BBQ sauce until they’ve got a nice and thick layer of the sauce and serve immediately with a side of cool ranch sauce!

And there you have it, a simple yet amazing chicken wings recipe!

Oh, hubba hubba. If only I had a picture to show you how amazing these look and taste – oh no, technology hasn’t gotten so far as to sharing taste.

I literally managed to find one sole picture of these amazing wings. And it wasn’t even a picture of the end result..


THAT’s how good they were. No one had the time to even think about taking out their phones and taking a picture – much less actually saving it to their phones. (Snapchat) Ain’t nobody got time!

And of course, you can’t forget drinks. Beer or cocktails go hand – in – hand with these delicious BBQ wings! – Mojitos, Bahama Mama, you name it. IT’S ALL GOOD!

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Until next time,

(And smile ’cause you’re one day closer to you next plate of nachos/BBQ chicken wings)



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