Getting psyched for Autumn!

The long and dark gloomy days are nearing.

The wind is kicking in and so are the raging clouds.

Here come the days of fuzzy jackets, stockings, and warm boots.

Long gone are the days of cute floral summer dresses and picnicking in parks…

Fear Autumn not! The dark days of cold nights aren’t all bad. Every season has its own perks

On that note! I’ve teamed up with 5 other amazing people for a series of posts on, yep you know it, AUTUMN! I can’t begin to share my excitement on not only this collaboration but the season itself! This week’s post is about getting into the spirit of the wonderful season of Autumn! I’ll leave a link to their blogs at the end of the post! Be sure to check them out and find out how they get into this amazing season!! We’ll be making weekly posts so be sure to keep an eye out for us! 

And if you’re not as obviously psyched as I am, you may just be after reading this!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting into the spirit of Autumn (or basically how I get into the spirit of the season)! Call me basic, but the smell of apple spice and pumpkin lattes is a euphoria to a whole other level for me.

Step 1: Get excited looking at the first sightings of pumpkins and all things Autumn.


I’ve already started seeing stores change their stock from summer to autumn products. I may or may not be one of those people who has already started buying Autumn-ey items. I’m already thinking of the things I have and possible other things that may contribute to the Autumn-vibe in my room. Yeah, just call me crazy Autumn chick. 

So, instead of frowning at the change of products relish in the beautiful colours of deep orange, red and yellow. Mustard yellow, YES. (rather than bright pinks and yellows!)

Step 2: Re-decorate your living space

Halloween Dance

I start by searching for inspiration on Pinterest. Here’s where I get beyond excited. (which is quite sad because it usually always ends in disappointment since my studio is way too small for all the things I want) but that doesn’t mean I don’t get happy from the little changes!

Change that beautiful vase full of fresh sunflowers to artificial dying leafs! Just because they’re dying, it doesn’t mean they’re ugly. It’s sure to add a pop of colour in the room! Okay, that was lame. But you get it, right?!

Replace the bright summery colours to deeper and more dull colours of Autumn, like that burned orange and mustard yellow I was talking about. Pillows, bed sheets, chairs, curtains, blankets, lamps,  you name it!

Step 2.5: CANDLES!

Okay, I just had to add this because I have a little obsession/love for candles. All scents including apple spice, cinnamon, basically anything that makes my apartment smell like a bakery, haha.

Candles just add a whole other level of coziness! So, even though they’re technically part of decor I just had to give it a special part in my post.

Step 3: Re-ordering of your spice rack

Okay. Can we just say one thing? PUMPKIN SPICE. 

It goes so well with all things pumpkin, it’s not even funny. I literally add it to my soups during this season. Yep, crazy pumpkin chick here.

pumpkin pumpkin spice latte autumn starbucks psl

Pumpkin spice lattes.

Pumpkin pies.

Pumpkin soup.


Need I say more?

Oh, and a tip if you don’t live in a country where pumpkin spice explosions occur: nutmeg and cinnamon are also amazing for the season if you don’t have pumpkin spice.

Step 4: Change your wardrobe

Aha! This is sure to come back in the series of posts in the following few months! But can I just say, that mustard yellow jumper, please?

I actually don’t own one at the moment, but I’m definitely getting one!

charlize theron sweater fake young adult

Replace those thin, floral tops for cozy jumpers and stockings. Away go those converse, flats and slippers! Replaced with cute ankle boots!

Step 5: Food

YES MY FAVOURITE PART! Gone are those fruit smoothies and fresh salads. Say hello  to delicious pumpkin soups and squash baked dishes!

Make way for those delicious pumpkin pies and baked goods that feel so good with a nice cup of cocoa on your soft couch.

pumpkin food delicious sarah cr sarah carey on youtube

I can really go on forever but this is roughly my thought process when I start thinking about Autumn edging closer. But I think these steps depict a good enough image of my excitement for Autumn!

Hope you’re as psyched as I am!!

Here are the other five awesome bloggers participating in the (best) collab! 

Morgan – This lover of animals is such an inspiring blogger. She blogs about lifestyle, health, beauty and more! Be sure to visit her page!

Lee – The one who came up with this collab idea! Lee is a writer and gym enthusiast and blogs about a little of everything, including life, health and beauty. Be sure to pop over and check her out!

Jacquiline Joy – With a twist of humour in her posts, this mommy of two beautiful children writes about lifestyle, beauty and everything in between. Don’t forget to head over to her page and check her out!

Jerry – I have completely fallen in love with his writing style. Beautifully descriptive! Head on over and find out what I mean!

Jenna – Jenna writes about relatable yet difficult topics, so inspirational! Give her page a visit!


Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for these posts! I guarantee it’ll make the gloomy weather and strong winds at least a little bit better!

Until next time, chummies!





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