Styletone Box: July Edition Review

Well, looks like I’m pretty late.. two months behind! Shame on me.

I can explain!

I only got around to checking my mailbox until mid August! As you may know from my previous post, I was holiday back on Aruba. So, I technically received this box relatively late.

Another factor may be that I wasn’t super excited about this box…

IMG_7362 (2)

July’s box wasn’t disappointing but it wasn’t exciting either.

It contained items for a more boho look, which is technically not really my thing.

As usual, the little booklet that came with the items was awesome. I love the tips and tricks this booklet has to offer. This edition was called Into the Desert. 

The first product was

Avril  (click for the website!) Eye pencil: 3.00 euros

Five different colours were selected by Styletone and I received a chocolate brown hue.

IMG_7373 (2)

I particularly liked this one, to be honest. It’s smooth and creamy and quite pigmented. I’ve got another brown eye pencil, however, I wasn’t too happy with that one.

IMG_7376 (2)

This eye pencil is easy to blend to create a brown smokey eye but I’ve used is on my mobile lid to create a softer eye liner look. It’s definitely been my go-to lately. I, however, do make the wing with another product but the entire lid is lined with Avril’s eye pencil.

4/5 for this one! Pigmentation is good and love the texture. However, it comes off easily in the sense that if I touch my eye a little for whatever reason, it’s sure to smudge. I guess it’s made for smudging! Using it on my lower water line doesn’t have to same effect as on my lash line.

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara: 23.95 euros

IMG_7378 (2)

The best product in this box, in my opinion! The wand is perfect and the bristles are made for separating lashes and elongating them.

The packaging is cute and compact. The length of the wand is also perfect, I think. Not too long, but not too short, either.

IMG_7379 (2)

It creates a wet look to the lashes. It doesn’t create any thickness, though. So no clumping, which is great!

Here’s lashes with no mascara:

Lashes with a coat of mascara:

Only thing is that I somehow always manage to get mascara on my skin, which doesn’t happen with my other mascaras. The bristles of the applicator may be too big for my eyes? Although I do love the elongating effect. My lashes look a million miles when I use this!

IMG_7382 (2)

One thing I’ve noticed when using this is when I want to take it off, it leaves chunks of mascara all over my face. It’s so difficult to finally get this off my lashes! It’s not a waterproof mascara to my knowledge, so I’m not sure why it gets that way when I want to remove it.

It definitely lasts long and creates a cool no-makeup makeup look! (Perfect for Summer). The bristles on the applicator may be too big, which is why I always make a mess of things and removing is nightmare! All in all, a 4/5 for this one!

Gleam by Melanie Mills Lip Radiance: 21.99 euros

IMG_7366 (2)

This lip radiance is basically a red lip gloss. I haven’t worn lip glosses since I was a teenager, and quite frankly I’ve never really been a huge fan.

I think lip gloss is too sticky and thick. I’m not a big fan of ‘shiny’ lips in general and I hate the feeling of hair sticking to lips.

So receiving this lip gloss in the box wasn’t something I was excited to see. However, look at that packaging, though! I think it’s so beautiful. The top of the wand is actually a copper-ey colour, which goes so well with the colour of the tube (which is the actually gloss and not a sticker!)

I love the size and top of the wand. The applicator is also really nice. It’s soft and the perfect size for lips. It spreads the product out evenly.

IMG_7368 (2)

The product itself isn’t thick, either. However, it is a lip gloss, thus it is quite sticky. It’s a pretty colour, though! On the lips it’s a light shade of red — almost pink-like. Quite “summer-ey“, as it should be!

All in all I give this a 3/5. I’m no huge on lip gloss, but this one isn’t so bad. The packaging receives full marks in my books! The colours and shape of the product is beautiful!

Nails Inc Matte Top Coat: 16,90

I was a little surprised to find a nail polish in this box, however, not disappointed.

The basic idea of this nail polish is to apply a layer of this on top of any other nail polish to quickly make it matte.

IMG_7377 (2)

It takes approximately a minute or two for it to properly dry matte.

I didn’t think much of the packaging. It’s a round chic shape but quite standard.

I quite like this nail polish and love matte nail polish! So this is perfect. I just don’t think I’d ever buy a nail polish worth almost 17 euros. It’s a bit on the pricey side, if you ask me.

4/5 for this product. Cool product but I think it’s too pricey, to be honest. I’m sure I can get the same effect from a nail polish by Catrice or Essence for a fraction of the price.

Wibo Fixing Powder (Butterfly Cosmetics) : 11.99 euros

The last product in this box!

This fixing powder is supposed to sort of mattefy your face while providing slight coverage and basically it’s purpose is to fix your makeup in place so you can go through an entire day without budging makeup!

This is to be applied after all products on the face that have no colour (so before contour, blush and highlight!).

IMG_7370 (2)

This fixing powder is a loose white powder but doesn’t leave any streaks, which is a plus! It comes in  a small container with holes in the middle. Powder should come out of these little holes, which is followed by dabbing with a powder or kabuki brush and applied on the face. I do find it a little difficult to actually get the product out of the box and into the plastic compartment where I’m supposed to dab my brush.

I love the finish of this powder, however, I don’t feel like it lasts very long on my face. At the end of the day I definitely don’t see or feel the effects anymore.

IMG_7371 (2)

A great tip Style Tone offers is dabbing some of this powder on the lips after application of lipstick to achieve a matte lipstick look! I love this hack and will definitely be using it.

This fixing powder gets a 3.5/5 from me. I love the finish of this powder and it really seems to fix my makeup into face and mattefy my face, however, I don’t believe it lasts long at all. Getting the product out of the container is also a bit of a hassle for me. Otherwise, it’s a great product!

The best thing about all these products is, is that they’re all paraben and cruelty FREE!

This StyleTone box was not the best one, in my opinion, but it definitely wasn’t disappointing! I’ve fallen in love with the mascara and the brown eye pencil has inspired new looks for me! All in all I give this box a 3.7/5.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Are you one to order boxes with new products every month?  I’d love to know!

Until next time,





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