July Favourites feat. My Summer in Aruba!

Hello wait, what?!

It’s August 2016 already? Time FLIES and that’s an understatement. It feels like only yesterday I started university and here I am graduating and back from my vacation back home for my BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING(pictures coming soon!). I never thought this day would come so soon! I had the best time of my life this Summer.

The weather was so different than it is and was here. The heat of the sun drove me crazy and I always say this, but thank goodness for ACs!

Regardless of the heat, the clean and strong winds hitting my face and body is unlike any other feeling. All I could see is gold and blue all over.The gold sun and the blue skies were a sight I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.

An ode to the beach.

The white sandy beaches and the cool thick water against my skin is a feeling I took for granted too many years of my life. I long for the sun on my face and
the stick sand on my skin. 

The wind in my hair and sand on my skin. I hastily jump into the water
having enough of the rays of the sun burning my skin. Splash.
Cool waves surround me and I’m in heaven. 

I feel like I’m flying with the cool blue hugging me
and leading me to the unknown.
I can’t wait to meet again.


Sorry about that, I got a bit sentimental about the beach for a second there. The gloomy rain does that to me…

Here are some pictures of my Summer back home!


As you can see, I had a whole lot of blue and a whole lot of sunsets!

On to my favourites of the month!

Since the weather was drastically different compared to the Netherlands, my hair and skin reacted very differently to my products. I’ve got to say, some was for the better! Like my MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm! I can’t believe how I’ve been using it for the past year. This thing is AMAZING! It glides on so smoothly and the coverage is amazing. I would walk out with just this on with no itching need to put on concealer. (Speaking of which, my concealer worked amazingly, too! It blended so much better too).


These are the things I have been obsessed with!

NYX Lingerie LIPLI04 Ruffle Trim

I just can’t stop raving about the NY X lingerie line of liquid lipsticks. It’s so beautiful! I went and checked out the NYX counters available on Aruba, however, none offered the lingerie line. The products were limited and way too expensive (compared to prices in the U.S.). Check out my review on this lipstick here! I definitely love it even more now. If I want to tone down a lipstick, I just glide this on my lips and the colour is instantly transformed!

MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm Compact Medium Plus

I’ve had this compact BB cream for a year now and never thought I’d love it so much. Because of the high temperatures in Aruba, my compact seemed to become a whole lot more creamier and downright amazing! I wrote a review on this a while back and my impression of this compact wasn’t so great back then. I guess I’ve got the weather to blame for it? Check out the review here!

Revlon Highlighting Palette Peach Glow

Okay, guys. This is by far the most understated product I have ever had the pleasure of using. This highlighting palette not only highlights beautifully but you can also use it as a shimmery blush and eye shadow! I’m definitely writing a review on this one soon to spread the word. I absolutely love this thing!

 Urban Decay Naked 1

Well, what can I say about this one? The hype around it says enough, I think. The beautiful earthy gold colours go so well in the summer. Especially since I was going for a more natural look, this palette is seriously a staple to have in your collection.

Gilmore Girls

Since the reunion is coming up in November (25th!), I decided to start watching this show again. Through out my childhood they aired this on ABC family every afternoon. However, I never managed to watch each and every episode chronologically till the end. So that’s basically what I’ve set out to do now. Basically binge-watch all the episodes on Netlfix till the very end. And I’m absolutely hooked. It will never fail to baffle me how much junkfood Lorelai and Rory can eat without getting downright ill. I love the wit and, honestly, everything about this show.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (Indian TV serial/soap)


Ha-ha. I’m trapped again. I’m trapped in the dramatic hole that Indian TV serials/soaps drag you in after watching just a few episodes. This is seriously my guilty pleasure. No matter how bad some of the acting is, how stupid some of the characters are and no matter how much I want to kick myself for starting in the first place. I am trapped and enjoying every minute of it!

This show is about a family who were depths of poverty but is now considered extremely wealthy and respectable. The eldest son of the household was sent for the highest education while his younger sister was sat at home to take care of her two younger sisters while their mother worked. The bitterness caused by poverty still affects the eldest sister while the eldest son didn’t have a childhood due to the circumstances.

In comes a nutritionist hired by the eldest son, Dev, to take care of his mother’s health. Dev and the nutritionist, Sonakshi, fall in love, and that’s basically where I am right now.

It sounds so ridiculously cliche and boring, but trust me. These producers really know how to reel their audience in. Gah, my OTP Devakshi. Darn it.

I made a little clip of all the videos we took with my brother’s GoPro! It’s just a short clip of bits and pieces of Aruba.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this!

A little bit of my personal life for ya,

Have a great day!






13 thoughts on “July Favourites feat. My Summer in Aruba!

    1. I think it was the best summer yet! OMG Gilmore Girls is the best! Ive watched most of the episodes already but watching them chronologically is even better! Hahah
      Oooh what do you think of Jane the Virgin?? Are you as hooked as I was? 😀
      Yess, you do! I freaking LOVE it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahhah I know that feeling!! And omg no spoilers, please! I haven’t seen season 2 (because it’s not on Netflix and I’m spoiled) I want to ask you who you’re rooting for but I have no idea what’s going on in season 2 xD


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