Miss Patisserie’s Shower Steamers

Hiya guys!

A while back, I paid a visit to Cardiff. Oh, what a wonderful city it was. It holds the memories that will never leave me.

Whilst wandering the streets of Cardiff, I stumbled upon the cutest little shop. At first I seriously thought it was a pastry shop with all the cute little cupcakes in the showcase. It actually ended up being a cute little shop that sells skin care products, bathbombs etc.

I couldn’t help myself but take a look inside. They had the most wonderful looking things. Sugar scrubs, coffee scrubs, face masks, bath bombs, body butter, etc. Basically a skin-care-loving girl’s heaven.


As I walked in, a lovely lady approached me and asked me if I needed any help. I regretfully replied that all these cute bath bombs are of no use to me since I own no bath tub. She smiled and asked me to walk to a corner of the shop. And there they were! Bath bomb versions for the shower! Miss Pattiserrie’s Shower Steamers: 3.25 pounds

They were cute and so glittery. Albeit a small collection, they had a few options. Unlike bath bombs, these shower steamers are based around aroma therapy. To my knowledge, there’s no other company that sells these.


Because of weight issues (in the sense of packing, etc. Also considering the fact the travel time was crazy) I had to be careful with what I buy. So I ended up with just these two shower steamers: Breathe Shower Steamer and Sleep Shower Steamer.

The general idea about these shower steamers is that you place the shower steamer on the floor of your shower. As the water steams and hits the product on the floor, the shower steamer releases the aroma and the floor turns into sparkly green or purple in my case.


This green one is the Breathe Shower Steamer. This is what the description from the site says:

“Packed with essential oils these therapeutic shower steamers are perfect for creating an extra special shower experience.”

The reason I got this particular one was because I actually had a nasty cold at the time. The nice lady at the shop actually advised me to get this one because of my blocked nose. It helps open up the nostrils and relax albeit not making the person sleepy.

The purple one is the Sleep Shower Steamer. 

As the title suggests, it’s main aim is to help the person relax and sleep better and deeper. To be honest, I didn’t sleep any better than I usually did after using this in the shower. However, it was quite relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed my shower.

I got this one mainly because I was in my exam weeks and having something to help you sleep even a little better and most importantly relax since I had so much stress was worth a shot. I definitely had an amazing shower but I didn’t notice any effects of better sleep.


One important point to note is that I cut these in half when I used them. Since my shower is relatively tiny, I thought even half of the steamer was strong. I know that if I’d use the entire product, I’d get a headache from the aroma.

So it’s definitely really strong. Cutting it in half is also not very easy; however, I’d rather get more out of my money and not get a headache, if you know what I mean.

I rate these shower steamers 4/5. Mainly because I didn’t experience the intended effect with both these steamers. Also, I really felt the need to cut the steamer into half and even then I felt like it was quite strong. I actually cut the breathe shower steamer into three small pieces and I thought it was much better.

Furthermore, it does disappear rather quickly. Since the stream of water is constantly hitting the product, it disappears rather quickly. However, the scent tends to linger which is the whole point! It definitely ups my shower experience and makes my shower all sparkly. And that’s the whole point of it!

I’d love to order more from the website (click here for shower steamers!). However, I couldn’t believe the amount of shipping and handling costs. 20 pounds just to ship! The current total was double the amount I actually ordered. So that was a big no.. #studentlife I’m just waiting for the day they lower their s&h costs so I can buy all the shower steamers and all the other amazing products they have to offer!

Have you tried shower steamers? If so, what did you think? Have you tried other products from Miss Patisserie?

Thanks for reading,



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