Styletone Box: June Edition

Ello my lovely readers!

Last month I ordered a new box. I usually order the Deauty box but this time I thought I’d go for another box. I don’t get these very often, actually. There’s something about the end of the academic year that burns that itch to shop and buy new things. featured imageSo, about 2 weeks ago, I received the Styletone Box. It came in my mailbox and when I first saw it I thought it was quite small..

The Deauty box is a lot bigger, so I thought oh gosh I hope I didn’t just get samples for the price I paid.

I was completely wrong!

styletone box

The first thing you see when you open the box is the little booklet with the theme of the products. This month was Under the Sea.

It starts off with an introduction of the products in the box. These products are a range of new brands from all over the world. All of these brands are specialised in doing something else, like one focuses on “formulating the best color cosmetics products you’ve ever used” and the other “thinks about where they produce and what their waste ‘footprint’ is”. On top of this, they’re all paraben free!

For those who don’t know what parabens are, paraben is found in a lot of cosmetics in order to prolong the shelf life of the products. It basically prevents bacteria and funghi from forming in, for example, face creams. Not exactly something you want on your face, right? However, paraben has found to cause some hormonal imbalance and even cause breast cancer. So staying away from this chemical is advised..

If you’d like to read more about paraben or find out which cosmetics don’t use this chemical then click here!

Just on the next page there is a “DIY: Oyster Shell Salt Dishes” which I thought was super cute! It tells you step by step how to make these. And it’s super easy! Just disinfect the oysters, paint them (3 coats) with acrylic paint, let it dry over night and it’s done!

If you’d like a more detailed description of the DIY in the booklet, let me know in the comments!

The first product I want to talk about in the Styletone box  is one of my favourites!

Note Cosmetics – Rich Color Lipstick in Brownie Pink worth 9,90 euros.

This box held three different shades of this lipstick. Brownie Pink, Bronzed Pink or Juicy Nectar. I got lucky and received the shade Brownie Pink ! 


It’s such a beautiful light pink colour. Perfect for the Summer, too!

Note is a Turkish company who sell their products mostly outside of Europe. They’re really big in UAE, which means that their shades can withstand warmer temperatures (yay Summer!).

“The formula contains argan oil and cocoa butter, and has a light vanilla scent. The formula is so soft and nourishing it feels like a balm.”

I completely agree that the formula is super soft and balm-like. It’s part of the reason why I love this so much! It also does have a slight vanilla scent, although to me it reminds me of the cereal froot loops. Also, since the formula is quite balm-like, it’s easy to apply and extremely moisturizing. However, because it’s so balmy,  it makes it more difficult to be precise on the lips. In other words, it’s difficult to colour within the lines, haha.

The packaging is sleek and all black. It isn’t a completely straight tube but rather it has a slight curve, which gives it a more interesting look. It’s simple and chic, in my opinion.

The name of the brand is also on the product itself as you can see in the picture below.


Although it’s meant to last long in warmer temperatures, I do notice transfer and that I have to reapply from time to time.

Apart from the fact that it’s paraben free and the amazing formula, I also absolutely love the colour! It literally is perfect for Spring and Summer. Much like a lip balm, it gives off a sheer effect. And I think it really would look good on almost any skin tone.

All in all, I give this product a 4/5. I don’t have any complaints other than the fact that reapplication will probably be on my mind and that since it’s kind of balmy, it’s quite difficult to actually apply the lipstick neatly.

Peony Cosmetics: Pink Glow Highlighter worth 20,95 euros

Nowadays it’s all about that highlighter! Especially since Summer is coming up, everyone is looking for that beautiful glow.

This highlighter is absolutely beautiful! Both the product and the packaging.

Peony Cosmetics are actually known for “its beautifully decorated packaging, it high concentration in natural ingredients, an their motto: Do good, Feel good, Live well.”


I honestly cannot get over their packaging. It’s so cute! I think many companies overlook packaging. Although people say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, c’mon we all do it.. I mean if it looks bland or kind of ugly, there’s a slight chance I might consider it. Superficial, I know, but when it comes to products, sometimes I just can’t help it!

The product itself comes in a crayon like case. You can roll the product out when you need more. It’s easy enough to apply. Just glide it onto the parts you’d like to highlight, dab and blend with your finger and it’s done!

This highlighter is a subtle yet beautiful on the skin. It really gives off this radiance and natural glow. A pink glow, to be exact. It’s a rose colour with specks of golden glitter.

The formula contains shea butter, which “nourishes and restores the skin and makes it soft and supple”. A cosmetic product that both makes you look radiant AND good for your skin? bonus!


I don’t really own a proper highlighter so receiving this one in the Styletone box was exciting! Especially with Summer vacation coming up, I can’t wait to use this more!

It’s also a very subtle highlighter and doesn’t make you look like a total disco ball. Applying this highlighter by Peony to your collarbones also gives a beautiful natural glow to your skin (thank you, Styletone, booklet for the beauty hack!)


All in all, I give this highlighter full marks! 5/5. I have nothing to complain about! (Other than the price, I guess. 20,95 euros for a little thing like this is a little bit pricey)

GLOW for a cause: Solid perfume in Inspire worth 12,95 euros

This product is made from “the finest and purest ingredients available”

“Everytime you buy a GLOW for a cause product, you are not only pampering yourself, you are also giving back 5% of the purchase price to selected non-profit organisations”

The Styletone box offers six different scents by GLOW for a cause: Inspire, Calm, Dream, Vibe, Wander, Wish. I received Inspire in my box.

This solid perfume comes in a little container that would actually pass off as a lip-balm. If it weren’t for the strong scent and the fact that PERFUME is written across the lid, I would have seriously applied this to my lips.

It’s cute and compact container that could fit anywhere really, so really convenient for travel purposes!


It claims to “linger on your skin longer than a regular alcohol based spray perfume”.

I can’t completely agree with this statement because I honestly didn’t notice the scent on my skin so much.. To be fair, almost no perfume I have ever tried really lingers on my skin. So this might work better for others.

The scent of this perfume reminds me of the freshness of Summer. It smells like Summer mornings with the sun shining through your window after a nice and refreshing shower. It literally smells fresh. I absolutely love the smell. If only it stuck on my skin..


What makes me really happy about this solid perfume is the ingredients!

“Coconut oil, beeswax, organic shea butter, organic cacao butter, Vitamin E, natural fragrance”

GLOW for a cause products are made of the most natural ingredients that are actually good for your skin unlike the usual perfumes that are basically alcohol. Alcohol can cause “skin coloration in the sun”.

This solid perfume is perfect; however, it, personally, doesn’t really work for me considering it doesn’t really do its job since it’s a perfume.

I give this product a 2/5.

I love the fact that it’s super compact and contains so many great ingredients and of course the fact that 5% of the purchase price is donated. However, it doesn’t really do it for me, no matter how much I love the scent!

Manna Kadar: 3-in-1 Fantasy worth 17,95 euros. 

Manna Kadar is “a high-end cosmetics brand that is all about fast and gorgeous products”

And, oh my goodness, this is seriously my favourite out of all the products in the box! It’s absolutely amazing and you get your money’s worth since it’s a 3-in-1!

This product can be used as an eye shadow, but also as a blush or even to highlight cheekbones.

The product comes in a simple packaging, with a transparent lid with black lining.

The product itself is a beautiful rose gold shimmery shade. Okay, I don’t know if you already know but I seriously have a thing for rose gold anything. I know, pretty mainstream, but I just can’t help myself! I’m not a huge fan of pink. But rose gold? Oh yes, baby.

So you could imagine when I saw the colour of this shadow I thought OMG YES. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. Haha, just kidding. But you know what I mean! I was ecstatic!


Oh, and the pigmentationIt’s absolutely do die for! I am 100% in love with this product. Even without primer this is amazing. I can’t even imagine it with primer.


In the pictures below, I’ve used it as a highlighter. Now, I had to be careful not to use too much because otherwise I’d end up looking like a disco-ball.

In person it’s much more pigmented and visible. I can only apologize so much for the crappy quality. But even with the crappy quality, I feel you can still see the shimmer on my cheekbones.


In the pictures below, I’ve used it as an eye shadow. Now, I know it looks pretty silver-looking here. But I swear it really doesn’t look silver. Because of the lighting and crappy camera quality, it looks the way it does. I just wanted to show how pigmented this shadow is. And that too without primer!

So I guess you can probably already guess what my rating for this one will be.

5/5. Yep! You got that right.

I have absolutely no complaints. I love this product and it’s definitely my favourite out of all the products I received in this Styletone box!

The last product in this box is the Daily Concepts: Exfoliating Body Scrubber

Now, I haven’t opened this one yet because I plan on taking it with me on my trip and using it there! So stay tuned for a review of that!

All in all, I absolutely loved this box. I didn’t think I would when I saw it in my postbox, however, I absolutely love at least three of the products in this box!

I loved the DIY and beauty hacks in the booklet that came with the box.

Moreover, the fact that all the cosmetics were paraben free was also a bonus point! I actually didn’t even know what paraben was until I got this box. So it’s also educational!

I’d recommend this box to anyone who is interested in new make-up brands from all over the world! I also love the fact that they’ve got a theme and really take the seasons into account. Loved this box!

Are you into buying these kinds of boxes? Would you consider buying one? I feel like they’re a little gift to yourself. I feel so pampered and excited whenever I receive a box like this.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Until next time! And don’t forget to subscribe for more posts and follow me on Instagram (@thegirlwithanaccentXVX) and Twitter (@tgwaaxvx)



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