Claire’s Mini Haul

Now that my work for uni is all day (FINALLY), I’ve got time to just sort of browse around in town. Since I’m going to Aruba soon, I kind of allow myself to spend a little more on myself than I usually do. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s this time of year I actually shop.

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the fact that I feel free? Or maybe it’s because I have too much time. Haha, anyway! I went shopping!

I went to Claire’s, among other places, and they had a 5 for 5 euros deal! Crazy!


I absolutely love bows and couldn’t pass of these cute girly bows! They’re basically just pins for your hair. I actually have a set of three bows like these from Claire’s. Why don’t you wear those?, you ask? Honestly, I lost them. Haha, so it was time to get new ones!


For some reason, these earrings really stood out to me. They’re super light weight and pretty, exactly what I look for in a pair of earrings.


This cute dark bronze floral thing is actually a headband. I absolutely love this colour and thought it’d look nice since my hair is quite dark.


This last one is actually a head piece. It’s pretty boho for my own taste but I thought it was so cute! It’s not really flashy, which works for me. Let’s see, I might just wear this, this summer!

I can’t wait to wear these!

Do you get as excited about new accessories as I do?



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