Hi guys!

How’s it going? All surviving, I hope? I can certainly say that I finally survived my finals. It’s the 15th and I never thought I’d make it in one piece. Now only to await the results and I’ll know if I’ll be graduating this year!

Anyway, I’ve been obsessed with lipsticks for a while and always wanted to get my hands on a good liquid lipstick. The most ideal one for me, would be the Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks. Unfortunately, they’re a little too expensive for my bank account and not to mention somehow always unavailable?!?

So I thought, Kylie Jenner’s lippies can’t be the only good ones out there? On that note, I went out and got the the following lippies over the course of a week! (haha hello procrastination)

liquid lipsticks.jpg

The Balm‘s Meet Matt(e) Hughes long-lasting liquid lipstick in Adoring

15 euros at boozyshop.nl

the balm.jpg

Can we just appreciate how beautifully pigmented this colour is? This was just one layer of lipstick and it looks so beautiful!

The packaging is really cute with a picture of a man and woman drinking from a milkshake. It’s got a metal finish top and it’s quite sleek and compact. The only thing I don’t like is that there is a sticker on the outside of the tube. The lipstick itself isn’t visible through the tube. The sticker never really represents the actual colour of the lipstick. On my lips, the lipstick seems a lot lighter than it appears to be on the tube.

Once pull the top off the tube, there is a strong smell of something that kind of smells like candy. Some kind of chocolate mint candy. At first I couldn’t stand it as it was too strong for me but it slowly grows on you.. Although the scent doesn’t linger on your lips, I could use a little milder scent..

As for the lipstick itself, as I said earlier I absolutely adore this colour (what? lipstick name reference!?). It’s a beautiful berry red colour with a hint of purple undertones. The texture is rather mousy and easy to apply on the lips.

the balm applicator

As for the application, it has a round dome applicator. Once it touches the lips, it feels kind of tingly as if there’s some mint on your lips. Kind of goes well with the strong scent, doesn’t it? Haha.

Although it says “matt(e) hughes” it doesn’t dry completely matte. There is also still some transfer from the lips, but not too much. So, it’s not completely matte, leaving a somewhat wet finish, which probably leads to transfer from the lips.

I’d say this lipstick lasts about 4 -5 hours. However, if I were to eat and drink, it wouldn’t last as long. Like I said, it transfers pretty easily. So eating and drinking would be fine as long as you touch up along the way. I guess it’s fine that it isn’t completely matte then, right? It’ll be easier to touch up if it isn’t totally matte.

All in all, I give this lipstick 4/5. I absolutely love the colour and packaging other than the fact that there’s a sticker around the tube (although the sticker of the couple is super cute!). The formula is nice and not too thick but I could use a little less scent. Furthermore, the lipstick doesn’t last so long, especially if you’re eating and drinking. But touching up is no problem.

NYX’s  Lyngerie in LIPLI04 Ruffle Trim

13,95 euros at Douglas.nl

Let me introduce you to my new baby. This is seriously my favourite! It’s a perfect nude for my skin tone.


Let me tell you, I’ve been afraid of nudes because I always thought they made me look like the colour had been washed off my face. Also, this is one of my first Nyx products ever!

I’ve heard so many good things about them and oh my goodness the things I see on their snapchat! They always have amazing products with amazing prices! This particular lipstick is worth only 7 dollars in the states! Unfortunately, I paid almost double the price because there is no other place that sells Nyx here in the Netherlands. To be honest, it was quite worth it considering the quality.

The lipstick comes in a transparent plastic tube. The product is actually visible through the tube, which gives you a better indication of the colour of the product inside. It’s slightly taller than the Balm liquid lipstick. To be honest, the packaging slightly reminds me of Kylie Jenner’s lipsticks.

The scent of this one isn’t strong, however, it does smell like some kind of chemical plastic? It reminds me of the smell my barbie dolls had when I was a kid. I guess it kind of brings back memories, doesn’t it? Haha.

The formula of this lipstick is light and definitely easy to apply. It dries completely matte and doesn’t transfer from the lips to my knowledge!

The flat applicator really helps to evenly distribute the product over the lips.

nyx applicator

It takes a minute to dry once it’s on the lips but that gives plenty of time to fix it if anything goes wrong when applying.

This liquid lipstick definitely lasts a long time! It stayed on for at least 6 hours even after having dinner! Not to mention all the snacks in between. I had applied a good few layers then, so I think it’ll do just fine.

Here’s how it looks on my without any liner underneath:

Quite nude, isn’t it? Honestly, it doesn’t look all that pale in person. The colour is a perfect nude with coral and brown undertones.

Sometimes I just want more colour on my lips but still want to keep it nude. Here I applied Kiko‘s smart lip pencil in 704 (if you’re curious what liner this is, have a look at my post on kiko’s lip liner! (N.B. the lipstick hasn’t completely dried yet)


When settled in, it almost feels like I’m not wearing anything. The formula is really lightweight and quite long lasting.

I give this liquid lipstick a 5/5. I absolutely love the colour, formula and over all quality! I don’t have any complaints about this one, other than the fact that it’s not available in stores here in the Netherlands.

Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid in 05 Nude Flush

6,99 euros at my local drugstore

maybelline vivid matte

The product comes in a compact square tube. The tube is transparent so the product can be seen through the tube, which I always like. However, the colour on the tube looks quite darker than it actually is.

The formula is kind of thick and feels tacky on the lips. Although it says that it’s a matte lipstick, it doesn’t dry matte at all. It feels more like a lip cream.

When applied to the lips (or mine at least) it’s quite bright. It’s a cute bubblegum pink that goes well with Spring looks. As you can see below, the colour is quite light. In person, the colour is a brighter barbie bubblegum pink.

I’d say it lasts about the usual 4-5 hours. Although eating and drinking does shorten the lasting time since it transfers a whole lot. But if you’re staying away from food I think it’ll last a good few hours.

The applicator is an inbetween The Balm and NYX liquid lipsticks in this post. It’s quite flat but still dome-like. The applicator is quite nice and since the wand is smaller, you have a better control over the application.

maybelline vivid matte applicator

I give this product a 3/5. I like the packaging because it’s nice and compact and I guess I just like the look of a square tube. The colour is beautiful, and goes so well with the season. You can definitely dress it up by mixing darker lip liner or wear it for a natural look, albeit a little bright. Furthermore, the formula is a little too tacky for my liking. It doesn’t dry matte and definitely transfers quickly. It also feels a little heavy on the lips. However, I really like the way this looks. I never thought I’d be able to pull of a pink like this, until now!

All in all, I love all three of these liquid lipsticks even though I have my favourite! Nyx Lingerie is by far my favourite. But all three lipsticks are such different colours that fit different makeup looks and different occasions, so I’ll definitely be using these three a whole lot!

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Do you like liquid lipsticks? Do let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

As always, keep smiling (because liquid lipsticks are fabulous).




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