Knick Knacks from the UK!

Hii guys!

So, it’s been over a week since I’m back from Cardiff but hey, guess what! I’ve got a couple of more things to share with you that didn’t quite fall under “makeup”.

I’ve honestly been swamped in work for uni. Only 1 1/2 more weeks to go before exams and less than 3 weeks before I hand in my thesis! Eek! Thesis is really killing me right now considering the fact that I just don’t have enough participants. I’m looking for native speakers of English, but I never thought they’d be so hard to find! If you’re a native speaker of English and have half hour to spare, I would greatly appreciate it if you filled in this questionnaire for me:

If you filled this in for me, please do let me know so I can properly thank you!

Moving on to blog – business. I recently created a new Instagram account especially for my blog! If you’d like to follow me, here’s my username: @thegirlwithanaccentxvx


On to the little knick knacks of this post! Cardiff was such a beautiful student city with so many hidden gems!

flatlay 2

The booklet that says “cardiff.” on the left, is actually the booklet for the students we took with us on the trip! It’s got all the information they needed with a little information about each and every travel committee member (including myself!) It was lots of fun trying to find the best pubs to eat, best places to see, etc. in Cardiff (before I’d even been there!) It was also designed by one of the students that went along with us on the trip.

The rest of the things were bought in the UK. The post card at the top is from Bristol. Yes, we went to Bristol for a day and it was absolutely amazing! I loved Bristol so much I just have to go back again. We were there for just a day, it was a rainy day as well but I still enjoyed it the most, regardless of the weather.
A friend and I decided to go on an adventure and explore the city. We ended up in a little village called Clifton and ended up seeing the Suspension bridge (I’d have pictures but my phone fell down the toilet so my pictures went along with it. Goodbye, iPhone).

I also bought the notebook that says “Rule the world” from TK Maxx in Bristol. When I saw this book, I thought yes! I’m going to start writing again. Be it about my day, poems, frustrations, blog ideas, whatever!

I really love this notebook and have it close to me almost all the time. I write whenever I feel like it and it’s a great outlet for any thoughts or emotions I feel. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an outlet!

flat lay

Next I bought this Argan Oil Body Scrub by SPAtopia from TK Maxx as well. It’s smells absolutely heavenly and leaves my skin feeling super soft! I’ve never actually heard of this brand before but I was not disappointed!

On another day in Cardiff, I found myself wandering in the arcades. In one of the arcades there was this little shop with several cupcakes in the showcase. I actually thought they were real until I took a closer look! They were actually bath bombs! They were so cute! I was disappointed they were bath bombs because I don’t own a bath.. (hey hey student housing!)

Anyway, so I entered the shop, called Miss Patisserie, and this lovely lady came to help me out. I told her about my bath bomb situation and that I see them everywhere but can’t actually buy them. So she told me about these shower steamers. They’re basically bath bombs but for the shower! I’d never heard of such a thing and just had to get myself one! (or two)

I had a nasty cold at that point, which she had noticed. She recommended the eucalyptus shower steamer, which would help with congestion and blocked nose. The purple one is meant for night showers. It’s supposed to help with calming down and sleeping better. With all this thesis stress, I’m sure it’ll  come in handy very soon. So stay tuned for a review!

books flat lay

Lastly, I entered a second hand bookshop in one of the arcades in Cardiff. It had so many books to offer! I ended up picking just two.

One was the Penguin Classic’s The Bhagavad Gita. It’s based on Indian mythology, which I’m really interested in. I grew up with this but there’s just so much out there that I still don’t know!

The other book was also about mythology. The Greek Myths: 1 by Robert Graves. I’m really excited about this one as well. As I said, I’m really interested in Indian mythology, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find Greek mythology equally as fascinating!

And that concludes my little knick knacks from the UK! I guess they’re not really knick knacks but I’ve always liked that expression…

Cheerio chummies!




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