I Heart Makeup Chocolate Pink Fizz Palette

Hi guys! How’s it going?

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. I swear I’ve really wanted to but it’s been such a couple of hectic weeks. I’d even come up with all these ideas but just not get a chance to actually do it. Thesis does that. But now  I’m back again with another review! This time it’s about Makeup Revolution’s branch I Heart Makeup Pink Fizz palette. This also comes in the chocolate bar palette. It seems like an obvious dupe for Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar eye shadow palette. I liked the colours in this Pink Fizz palette more than the ones in the Chocolate palette by I Heart Makeup, which is why I opted for this one. I mean look at  how cute it is!

i heart makeup pink fizz flat lay

The packaging is absolutely adorable in my opinion. It’s eye-catching and I love how it looks like the chocolate has been half eaten and melting. It’s a bubblegum pink colour with sturdy packaging, which I love! When you open the palette, even the layout of the eye shadow is similar to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. The mirror is nice and large. I love a good mirror! Since the lighting in my room isn’t that great, I rely on natural lighting. So, having a palette with a good mirror really helps since I can walk around my room with it, according to how the sun shines into my room.

pink fizz palette with names

I really like the range of colours this palette has. It consists of 16 colours that go from neutral colours to a nice pop of colour. It’s got two matte shades: Drink and Pop, which I’d use as transition colours. The rest are shimmery. I’m more of a matte gal but I really liked these pinky colours, especially since I don’t own any pink-ish shades anymore.

pink fizz palette without names

So, I’d obviously already used the palette when I took the picture. I guess I didn’t really think that through, haha?

pink fizz swatcheslast swatches.jpg

As for the colour pay off, I’d have to say I wasn’t extremely impressed. These swatches did take more than one try to actually make the colour of the shadow properly visible. I think especially because my skin is a little tinted, it may be even harder to get the desired colour pay off. These colours are relatively light, so you’d think that the darker colours would be slightly more visible. Unfortunately, I found the darker colours even less pigmented than the lighter ones.

Some shadows are definitely better than others, such as Girl, Elegant, Toast, Party, and Cork. I found those to be the most pigmented.

I actually used a damp brush to pat on the colours, because I found that it just wasn’t working as well on its own. I was content with the results after using a damp brush to apply the shadow. Although, using primer before applying the shadows really works.

I noticed that after a few hours I had a little fall out. I basically had glitter that should have stayed on my eyelids, all over my under eye area.

I mean if I take the price into consideration, I’d definitely say it’s worth the price. It was originally about 15 euros and I bought it for 7,99 euros! A total bargain! It’s nowhere near Too Faced or Urban Decay quality. I was actually wearing shadows from my Naked 1 palette on one eye and the shadows from this palette on the other. I noticed that the “naked” eye stayed put and was much more pigmented compared to the “I Heart Makeup” eye.

Removing my eye makeup with the “I Heart Makeup” shadows was relatively easy. It came off so quickly and easily, whereas the eye with shadows from the Naked 1 palette seemed to stay put and took some more effort.

All in all I’d give this palette a 3/5 considering the price. I feel like the quality of the shadows could be a little better but I love the sturdy packaging and the colour selection. When applied on primed eyes, it really isn’t so bad!

I made an eye look using this palette:

I used my LA Girl HD Pro Eye shadow Prime before starting. It’s white based so it really makes the colours pop. Once that was set in place, I started with a transition colour Drink in my crease. In order to make it darker, I added some Pop in my crease as well.

I absolutely love the colour France, it was actually the reason I opted for this palette. I added some of that in my crease to give it a nice blue smokey effect. Then I went with Elegant all over my mobile lid and blended that into my crease. I blended and blended until there weren’t any harsh lines.

I popped on some more of Elegant to really make the colour pop. I then took some of Flute and added some in the inner corner of my eye just to brighten my eyes up a litte. I popped on some Bubbles on my brow brone.

Lastly, I put some more of France on my lower waterline. And that sums it up for the eye shadows!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!





2 thoughts on “I Heart Makeup Chocolate Pink Fizz Palette

  1. This looks so, so good! The whole design of the case I think is pretty cool too.
    I’m really liking the stuff I’m seeing on your blog and I was thinking that you might just like mine too,

    Come check it out sometime if you want x

    can’t wait to read more from you,

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