Countdown to Cardiff + Packing Tips!

I think Cardiff is one of the most understated cities ever. If you think of the UK you don’t immediately think WALES! which is a shame, really. As a member of the travel committee of the student organisation I’m in, I’ve had to do quite a lot of research on Cardiff. Me and 6 other students are basically taking a group of 44 students to Cardiff. We had to organise an entire programme and all the accommodation for a total of 7 days. (We’re going to an actual Rugby game and visiting the Doctor Who experience!) It’s safe to say I’m quite excited.

I’ve made a habit for myself to travel to at least 1 new place every six months. That would mean I’d visit two new places every year, which I think is doable with my #studentlife. A few weeks ago I had this deep feeling of wanderlust. I hadn’t really gone anywhere in the last half of last year, so I was missing that feeling of exploring a new city. And now that the date of departure for Cardiff is coming closer, my excitement is blooming!

I heard a lot of people sort of skip this year’s trip (we go somewhere in the UK every year as a student organisation) because they heard we’re going to Wales. I thought that was a real shame, because
1. Wales is actually the part of the UK that gets the most sunshine
2. Castles and beautiful greenery (which is unfortunately becoming a luxury)
3. The Doctor Who experience
4.Welsh. Hello? The language is basically going extinct
5. The home of one of the best ice creams in the world, according to Buzzfeed 

Anyway, I’m sure there are a plethora of better described reasons than I mentioned. I’m definitely looking forward to it despite my duties as member of the travel committee.

In T-15 days, I’ll be gone for about 8 days (including travel time). So, it’s all about having everything travel-sized. Although travel-sized everything is cute, I think it’s a total nightmare. I’m the total opposite of a “light packer”. I somehow think of everything and anything that I may possibly need on the trip (think worst case scenarios). I’m also quite indecisive when it comes to picking outfits and makeup of the day. I either have to really plan it out by the minute or I just dump everything in a bag and regret it later (because obviously dumping doesn’t work with a carry-on).

So, since I’ve started getting excited and started thinking about packing and realised I basically have no idea how I’m going to do this, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration!

These are couple of tips I found useful:

Since I’m going to a country where it’s not particularly tropical, I decided to avoid anything that said “bikinis” and “slippers”

Can you pack for cold weather travel in just carry-on luggage? Find out how and download your free PDF guide! This is a must read for female travelers!:

This one’s actually for two weeks. I’d probably cut down on the shoes, bottoms, jackets, and dresses. I’d probably go for 2 bottoms, 1 dress, 2 jackets, and 2 pairs of shoes:

2 weeks in a carry-on.

This is a nice checklist I found that I will probably be using. I probably won’t take a hair dryer and a hair straightener. In order to save space (and time, I honestly probably won’t have time to doll up much) I’ll be leaving those tools at home and go au natural. I’ll also be leaving my computer behind, because I’m honestly not going to need it at the hostel (and I’m not comfortable taking it either). Unfortunately, I won’t be taking my camera with me so camera lens will stay at home as well. I’ll just have to make do with my beloved iPhone.
Heels will also be left behind because, honestly, it will probably rain and I’ll probably be running up and down the place. Flats it is!

I also think that medicine and vitamins are extremely vital when going on a trip like mine. I’ll be on the move 24/7 and exploring the city and having fun. The hostel is really only for sleeping and meeting up with the whole group!

Carry-on packing checklist:

Also, for city trips like these, I like to carry food with me. So, I like to buy crackers and juice packs in bulk and take them with me. I know I’m the type of person who can get hungry late at night when we get back to the hostel. And we all know getting food at that point is a hassle and maybe even impossible. So having a few snacks with you is always good!

Some tips for packing (that I found while doing research + my own experience):

  • don’t fold your clothes completely. Try to keep everything as flat as possible to prevent it from wrinkling up
  • use the tiny spaces in your carry-on well (even at the very bottom of the bag, the spaces between the handles of the bag). Use these spaces for “unmentionables”
  • put everything in plastic/zip-loc bags (accessories, shoes, toiletries!) , that way everything stays protected and easily accessible
  • wear your heavy clothing (chunky jackets, boots, etc) while travelling
  • think about layering clothes! wearing the same jacket/cardigan twice isn’t a big deal and barely noticeable if you wear another top!
  • plan your outfits ahead
  • opt for accessories that go well with most outfits and even a statement accessory to change the look of an outfit that may look similar to one you’ve already worn
  •  try to choose just one palette of eye shadows that are very wearable and easily made into a “night-look”
  • go for 2 – 3 lipsticks, I usually go for a nude, red, and a pink/purple

Have you been to Cardiff? Are you from Cardiff? Do you have any tips on where to go?

Until next time,


(the images in this post lead to the links where they were retrieved)



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