Review: Kiko Milano Eyeshadow and Lip Pencil

Not too long back, I visited a friend in another city where they just happened to have a Kiko Milano shop! I was ecstatic when I saw it and couldn’t resist taking a peek. It was packed with people because there had been a sale going on! Perfect day to stumble upon a Kiko shop!

I’ve heard many bloggers and YouTubers raving about this brand and couldn’t wait to try it out myself. The price range of this cosmetics brand is ridiculously low for the quality! (Perfect too since I was on a low budget #studentlife)

Kiko Review Featured Image

I went ahead and picked up 2 lip items and one eye shadow. It was a 3+3 deal so my friend and I decided to share the expenses.

The first item is the Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in 304:kiko creamy colour lip liner 1

It comes in a pencil format, which I personally like. I don’t mind the sharpening. Each time I sharpen it I feel like it’s a whole new product again, haha.
It comes in a bronze coloured packaging with the colour of the liner at the ends. I feel like the cap doesn’t go on very tight to the pencil. Ironically, when I bought the product, it was impossible to get the cap off the pencil. I also sometimes feel as if I might jam the cap into the tip of the pencil if I’m not careful… I have to be extremely cautious when putting the cap back on.

kiko creamy colour lip liner 2

This creamy comfort liner is exactly what it says. It’s really smooth and also pigmented. It’s matte but doesn’t feel matte. I do have to moisturise my lips with some lip balm before I put this on. You can even wear this without any other lipstick on top. It’s that pigmented! The texture is nice and creamy and spreads over the lips quite easily.

This lasts more or less 5 hours, or slightly more if you don’t eat or drink much.. I did notice that once I’ve eaten something like proper lunch or breakfast that it’s immediately gone, which is a shame..

It’s a beautiful deep red with pink undertones. I’ve been loving this colour lately and I’m absolutely in love with it right now! It’s quite bright so it’s not part of my daily routine. If I want to tone it down a little I add some MAC’s Mehr lipstick on top, which is a neutral pinkish shade. And since this lipstick is also quite matte, I might go for a lipstick with a Satin finish, maybe something with purple undertones to mix with this liner. (I love mixing different liners and lipsticks together!)

I give this one 4/5 stars. The only reason for that is the cap of the pencil. It doesn’t feel very safe..

Next is the Smart Lip Pencil in 704:kiko smart lip pencil 1

I’m not so sure why it’s called Smart lip pencil but I love the colour of this one! It’s definitely not as creamy as the Creamy colour lip pencil and it’s not as easy to spread across your lips.

The packaging is roughly the same as the creamy colour lip pencil. The cap really feels as if it’ll break anytime or jam into the tip of the pencil and ruin it. So, it doesn’t feel very secure.

The texture, as I said is not as creamy but it’s definitely applicable to the lips. I find it easier to work with than other lip liners, so in that sense it is creamier than lip liners I’ve tried. It’s soft and doesn’t pull at my lips.

This also lasts as long as the Creamy Colour lip liner (about 5 hours) and also comes off rather quickly when having a bite.

The colour is a similar to the creamy colour in 304 (like I said, I’m quite in love with this colour!) but with orangey and brownish undertones. Perfect for a nude/neutral look, which goes well with heavy eyes. I usually wear some lip balm under this and leave it as it is. Or I apply some of my Clinique Blushing Nude lipstick (which unfortunately is almost finished and not part of the Clinique lipstick line anymore).

kiko smart lip pencil 2

I rate this liner 4/5 because I just love this colour and even though it’s not as creamy it’s still really easy to apply. The amount of time it lasts is also not too bad.

kiko creamy colour and smart lip pencil swatch


Kiko Milano Eye Shadow: Pearly Salmon 139:

kiko eyeshadow 139 1

The packaging of this eyeshadow is okay. It’s quite lightweight, which is always a good thing since I’m always travelling with my makeup.

I think this shade is really pretty! It’s perfect for a more natural look, which goes really well with Spring-y looks. I’d even wear this as an everyday shadow in Summer! It’s a pretty shimmery shade that enhances your eyes if used well. It’s pretty salmon shade with silver undertones. Or the other way around, haha. In any case, it’s a really sweet silvery pink colour and can easily be used as an everyday shade.

kiko eyeshadow 139 2

As it says on the packaging, it’s “highly pigmented”. I love that about this shadow, the only thing about this is that the shimmer sort of travels. What I mean is that it doesn’t stay put. It’ll sort of spread out everywhere (even in places you might not want it to be). So, being cautious when applying this eye shadow may be wise. Other than that I love it! Especially considering the price, I mean it was just under 3 euros! That’s insane!

kiko eyeshadow 139 swatch

I rate this eye shadow also 4/5 just because the shimmer doesn’t stay put in one place. But that can be solved by being really careful when applying.

Considering the price, the quality of these products are insanely amazing! Although not perfect, I’d still recommend these to anyone.

Have you tried these products? What did you think? What are your recommendations from this cosmetics brand? I’d love to know!

Have a lovely day and don’t forget to smile!



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