Hair Care Routine

You know that moment, when you go and get your hair done and the hairdresser tells you “Hmm, your hair is quite dry, isn’t it?” I roll my eyes in frustration because I’ve been reminded of the same thing for years. Okay I’m kidding, I wouldn’t actually roll my eyes at the nice lady who’s about to chop off my hair. I roll my eyes internally.

The thing is, I’m painfully aware that my hair is dry. I know it is because it’s always been that way. Growing up in Aruba means a lot of sun damage. Puberty hit me like a frizzball. My hair literally frizzed up in the most unflattering way possible, unfortunately.
I always tried things out and nothing worked. It was honestly just my hormones at the time, so I probably couldn’t do much about it at the time, no matter how much I tried.

Last year I decided to start growing my hair out, and thought to myself that I’m really going to start taking care of my hair. I want that beautiful silky shiny curtain of hair. I don’t have much hope for silky, but shiny and relatively less frizzy hair was a good aim.

Over the past year I’ve been using a couple of products for my dry hair and, I’ve got to say, I definitely notice a difference. I mean I still have frizzy hair, but, honestly, it’s in my genes. My mom and her mother both suffer from frizziness. So I do what I can.


As you can see from the picture, I got some colour in my hair. They weren’t highlights, but rather a sort of baylage, which was initially red. I loved it when it was red, and now it’s turned brown and gives my hair a lighter shade, which I’ve never experienced before. My natural hair colour is almost black so I could never really picture another colour on my head. Since the hair stylist didn’t use any real bleach on my hair, the red gradually turned into this brownish colour.

Anyway, I’ve decided to share what I find that works for my hair and what has tamed my hair substantially. Now, of course, everyone’s hair is different but the products that I’ve used are quite budget friendly and work well for the price!

full hair care

I’m not sure which brands are available where but I’m sure these brands are available in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

So, first of all, I don’t wash my hair every day. I’d say I wash my hair 2-3 a week, depending on the season. Summer usually requires more washing. My hair is already dry to begin with, so washing it every day would dry it out even more.

shampoo and conditioner

I usually switch shampoo brands every time I have to get a new one. But it’s usually Elvive or Herbal Essences or Syoss. And I also usually go with anything Keratine. That stuff does wonders. (depending on the brand, though). I go through shampoos a whole lot faster than conditioners. My conditioners last a lifetime. Although I have a lot of hair, I use a very little amount of conditioner, because your hair really doesn’t need that much. I know you’re thinking, no wonder you’ve got dry hair. Trust me, I’ve used more conditioner before and my hair just ends up being way too greasy way too quickly. I tend to just add conditioner to the ends of my hair and work my way up. In the end, that’s where it dries out most.

John Frieda’s full repair deep conditioner seriously works wonders. It leaves my hair amazingly smooth that I just can’t stop touching it. My hair stays shiny and smooth until my next wash of course. It’s a deep conditioning mask that you have to leave on for 3 minutes in the shower. I probably use this once to twice a month. Absolutely love this product. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anymore. So, I’m going to have to find a replacement, does anyone happen to know one?

leave in conditioner, gliss kurr and syos

In towel-dry hair, I spray some leave-in conditioner by Herbal essences on my hands and work my way from the ends of my hair to my scalp. Again, I really don’t add heaps of this since I’ve already put conditioner in my hair. If I used the John Frieda deep conditioner then I skip this step entirely.

Then I add in the Gliss Kur Total Repair Spray. It’s got 19 ingredients to repair hair and make it smoother. The results of this one aren’t exactly dramatic but I do notice a difference when I don’t spray it in my hair.

I never use the same particular products for a long time. I like to mix and match. So days that I don’t use Gliss Kur, I use the Syoss hair restore. Essentially both products aim to do the same only in different ways. Syoss cellular hair restore is a 10-in-1  “wonder spray”. It’s for damaged hair, so a little bit more extreme than Gliss Kur’s Total Repair. The Syoss cellular hair restore is more concentrated and oil-based than the Gliss Kur one, to my feeling. But in essential, both do the trick.

almond oil

The last step in my routine is to add 2 – 3 drops of Ogyx‘s Argan oil of Morocco. I absolutely love this product. It smells wonderful as well. I add just a tad bit to the ends of my towel-dry hair and work my way up. This thing is amazingly hydrating. Try it!

coconut oil

Days I don’t add the argan oil, I go for coconut oil. Both are oils, only from different sources. This particular coconut oil is from India. I also massage this oil in my hair a few hours/over night before washing my hair. I let the oil really sink into my scalp. Coconut oil is crazy beneficial for many things especially hair. My mom was right all along. She used to massage this stuff in my hair basically for years. I remember when I used to go to school with oil in my hair, people used to laugh at me.

Well, well, well. Who’s raving about coconut oil now? I’m talking to you, chick-who-always-made-a-face-at-my-hair.

Massaging coconut oil into your hair is not only calming, but also increases hair growth and makes your hair healthier and gives it a beautiful shine. I usually do this about 2-3 times a month.

tony and guy hair protection

Lastly, heat protection. This isn’t part of my hair care routine, unless I go on to style my hair, which I usually don’t. I usually just let my hair air-dry.

But if I do style my hair with any heat tools, I’m sure to use this Toni&Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist. It smells amazing and protects my hair from any further damage.

And that concludes this rather, “chatty” hair care routine. I’ve been really trying to “fix” my hair and I know it’s not an “overnight” process, but I’m finally seeing results. If you have any tips for dry hair I should add to my routine, then please let me know! What are your routines? What products work for you?

Healthy hair = reason to smile,



4 thoughts on “Hair Care Routine

  1. i use argan oil after every shower on my ends as well, its so amazing! and i use coconut oils + mix of other oils for my hair over weekends! i havnet used any of those shampoos you’ve mentioned, but def sounds good! i’ll be doing a hair care update post on my blog soon too, be on the lookout for it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Argan oil is the absolute best! And not to mention it smells heavenly.
      Syoss is actually a salon hair care product, so I feel like I’m at the salon when I’m washing my hair, haha. It definitely foams up really well and smells great!
      Awesome! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it. I’m always interested in what others use since there’s always something new to try out!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. argan oil is great for hair, but (as someone with half-black curly hair) i’ve been around when it comes to hair oil and im telling you JASMINE OIL. Jasmine oil makes your hair soft, smell delicious and shiny. also, if your hair is really dry, i’d actually recommend black hair products; maybe not to wear out as they may make your hair look greasy if its straight, but for treatments and deep conditioning. you should try aussies spray leave-in conditioner – that’s a lifechanger. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve actually got coconut oil with Jasmine scent, which is weird if you think about it because what’s wrong with coconut? Haha but it smells amazing nonetheless. I’ve never actually tried jasmin oil so I’ll be on the look out for that one when these are over.
      Oh thanks for the tip! My leave-in conditioner is almost finished so I’ll be getting a new one soon!


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