Introduction to “My life in ‘Frog-land'”

Back in the Summer of 2012, I made the decision to move to the one place on earth I never thought I’d ever end up; The Netherlands. It was such a spontaneous move, or as spontaneous as it could get.  Where my peers got an entire year to prepare and do the paper work, I only had 2 -3 months. It’s safe to say those three months were a bit of a blur.

I moved to the Netherlands leaving all my friends behind. Coming to an unknown country with people I was acquainted with and maybe barely friends with.

I was 17, scared and overwhelmed.

In order to process everything, I started documenting my day. I started “vlogging” if you will. I actually found the videos I’d recorded on my blackberry at the time. In all honesty, they’re terrible. The lighting is bad as well as the sound. I looked tired all the time and whispered half the time because I didn’t want my roommates to hear me. And worst of all, I rambled on about things that didn’t even make sense and made jokes that even I don’t understand when I hear them again. All in all, not meant for other souls to see.

The point of this story is to express how I always wanted to document my time here abroad. I come from such a different place that to this day (4 years later) I still experience culture shock.

Apart from culture shock, I also experience so many wonderful things. I’ve met wonderful people, whether they’re Dutch or not.

So, hereby, I start this series called ‘My life in “Frog-land”.

If you’re wondering, why “frog-land” and not just The Netherlands or abroad. It’s because The Netherlands is considered a relatively tiny country in Europe. In Dutch another way of referring to this country is by calling it “Kikkerland”. Kikker literally means frog and land just means country. I honestly don’t really know why they went for frog and not another animal or insect. I’ve asked many people but no one can really given me a straight answer.

Sincerely looking forward to this,




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