New Tracks!

With all the studying, assignments and social events going on it’s nice to sit back and relax with a nice new track.

Well, it certainly works for me. Even just listening to music while I do my shenanigans, it helps for me not to constantly stress about graduating. And worse. What comes after graduating. The daunting life after. Which is why I’m just going to pick a Master so I can actually specialise. Nonetheless, I still feel like I’m a senior in secondary school trying to figure out what the heck I want to do with my life.

Chaos. Chaos. Panic.

Anyway, that’s why I love music. Don’t you?

My current favourite tracks are a range of genres, so I hope you find something you like!

Hymn for the Weekend – Coldplay

Holy crap this track by Coldplay is amazing. I’ve honestly never really been into Coldplay. Until now. I seriously cannot stop listening to this. The video is also done really well. Very colourful and somehow captures the essence of the beat. I might be late to the party but it doesn’t defy the fact that I’m obsessed:


Closer – Lemaitre ft. Jennie A. 

This one’s been out since October and it’s definitely different from Coldplay. It’s super upbeat and makes you just want to dance your socks off. Anytime I’m doing some mundane chore, like doing the dishes, while listening to this song I can’t help but at least bop my head and move my hips to the beat. And I feel like a total badass doing whatever it is I am while listening to this. Yeah, I’m a little weird, but it’s so upbeat! I don’t usually like trap music, but, to be honest, I didn’t even know this was trap until I went to look for the link of the video for this post.


Sun Shy – Dresses

Another upbeat track! Although not as “trappy” as Closer. Not “trappy” at all actually. This song is so cute I can’t even! Also, Sun Shy sounds like Sunshine, which makes automatically makes me happy! It’s funny how the word sunshine is associated with happiness, isn’t it? Even the thought of it brightens up your day even if it’s just a little brighter.


Mind over Matter – PVRIS

Nothing like a little bit of acoustic, eh? This is the first song I heard by PVRIS before I completely fell in love with them. I just can’t help but sing along to this one (and almost every other one of their tracks). This one is definitely a different genre as opposed to the first couple of tracks in this post, but also definitely one of my favourites.


Roses – Chainsmokers

I could not stop listening to this one when I first heard it. It’s so mesmerizing. The voice of the lead singer is entrancing. The beat is addictive.


Infinity – AJR 

Another “cutesy” song, as I like to call it. This one is just so cute and the kind of song I see myself listening to in the car after experiencing one of those moments where you’re filled with so much happiness you might just explode and find myself smiling to everyone that passes by and sing along as well. It’s such a care-free kind of number.

If you’ve got any favourite tracks at the moment, please be sure to share!

Smile because music gives you a reason to!



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