Girl Power

I just came across a video that really managed to move me.

Eve Ensler on TedTalks talks about the “inner girl” and that we should all embrace it. Embrace that part of us that makes us, as society has derogatorily labelled, “a girl”.

“Oh, don’t be such a girl”

“Stop crying”

“Don’t take it so personally, jeez”

“Be strong”

“Take it like a man”

These are all forms of undermining and oppressing the girl inside all of us. So yes, being a complete “girl” is associated with sensitivity, emotions, vulnerability, etc. But who says that these things aren’t good?

“We are so accustomed to robbing girls of the subject of being the subjects of their lives that we have now actually objectified them and turned them into commodities.

Everyone is brought to up to become a “man” aka strong, stable, etc. But what about the more humane part of a person? The part that is emotional and vulnerable? The part that is compassionate and empathetic?

Look at where the strong and hard leaders of the world have brought us. The earth is literally dying. There are wars and mass rapes. Where’s the sympathy and compassion for it all?

We have to learn ย “to value the girl in us, to value the part that cries, to value the part that is vulnerable, to value the part that is emotional, to understand that is where the future lies.”

Take a few minutes to watch this video. You will be inspired.

I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did!

Happy Women’s Day to all you beautiful girls out there!



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