Valentine’s Day Make-up and the like.

Alright so here’s my first attempt to create a look that adheres to an occasion, if you will.

Okay so I just really liked how my make-up looked yesterday so I decided, why not share it with you wonderful people?

Okay so it’s not exactly characteristic of usual “Valentine’s day” make-up looks. I’ve seen so many great looks but I was halfway through putting on my make-up when I realised “Valentine’s day make-up” involves pinks and the like. Oops?

First of all, I was wearing a blue top and no pink/red/white whatsoever so I went with blue. And gold/bronze ish makeup. I got to play around with my Naked 1 palette and I was quite content with the finished look.

Honestly, I love Valentine’s day. Not as much as Christmas or Halloween but I genuinely enjoy the holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those gushy mushy “OMG me and my significant other are the best and we’re going to do cheesy things and make everyone around us hate us”. No man. I was single for 97% of my life. So no, I don’t like V-day for that reason.

I love Valentine’s day because it’s such a rose-coloured day to appreciate all the love in your life, including family and friends and yourself. Emphasis on yourself. Emphasis on love in general. And it’s also a great excuse to eat lots of chocolate and make heart shaped everything and no-one to judge.

Okay so on to the make-up! Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the awful quality in pictures. I also don’t know the art of taking pictures of eye-makeup. I swear it looks great in person. Or I thought so, at least.

So here’s the finished eye-look:

.2016-02-12 17.20.48

I started off with my Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion. Definitely recommend this one, guys! It’s definitely worth it and makes a difference in how the eye shadow looks and lasts. Emphasis on lasts.

I started off with Buck in my outer crease as the transition colour. Then I blended Dark Horse, which is a slightly shimmery brownish colour, with Buck on my outer crease and brought it inwards on to my mobile lid. I proceeded with Smog, which is a beautiful bronze colour. I applied Smog on the rest of my mobile lid and blended that with Dark Horse to get rid of any harsh lines.

At this point I thought it looked a little too dark, so I applied some Half Baked, which is a shimmery gold colour on the inner corners of my lid and worked my way outwards on my actual lid to blend that a little.

I applied Virgin on my brow bone as a little high lighter.

2016-02-12 17.23.56

I was going to go with just a classic black wing initially. However, I then remembered my awesome Deep Sea eye liner by MAC! So I applied that from the inner corner of my eye until about a little over half way.

I then applied my L’Oreal Super Liner in black and ended with a small flick.

I ended with a little bit of Dark Horse just under my lower water line. I decided to leave it at that and not go for eye liner on my lower waterline because I thought the blue liner was enough.

2016-02-12 17.28.03

Last but not least, mascara! I used my MAC “In extreme dimension 3D black lash” mascara.

I did a bit of a light contour, but let’s be real, I have no idea what I’m doing yet.

As you can see in the picture below of half of my face, I opted for a purplish lipstick instead of pink! Yep. I wasn’t feeling pink, I guess. This is the Rouge Dior in “Mauve Mystere” in 786.

2016-02-12 22.14.31

So, in the end, not so Valentine-sey but in overall a simple look that you can definitely wear on Valentine’s day. Because, you know, Valentine’s day in awesome in that you can do what you like and pamper yourself a little, right?

I didn’t wear this on Valentine’s day itself but I was going out for dinner to celebrate it 2 days in advance. So still appropriate as my Valentine’s day look!

If you’ve got any tips, please leave some in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

Smile on,



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