January Haul

I know we’re quite into February already. The plan was for this post to go live on the 31st of Jan. And then, uni happened. To top it off, I became subject to the disastrous common cold. Having a cold isn’t so bad, but it does mess up my entire schedule the first couple of days since all I want to do is sleep.

Anyway! I still can’t believe January is already gone. The first month of 2016 has already flown right under our noses and we barely noticed! Or I didn’t, at least. I feel like I never really get to enjoy January with all the papers, essays and exams. It’s quite sad, actually.

On the bright side, I do have a couple of things to try out! I bought a couple of beauty products in the month of January and thought I’d share some of the things I’m excited to wear/use.


About a week ago, I made a trip to the nearest mall to get my usual day cream from the local drugstore (which is at the mall, yes). But of course I had to take a peek in Douglas. Not like I can actually afford anything in there, but looking around never hurt anyone… Until I came up to the stand of products on sale. A 3 for 5 euros deal. Whaaatt? Yeah, so I ended up with 3 things, not so bad, right? See, I’m in control.

I’ve heard and seen so many good things about the cosmetic brand Nyx. And when I saw that Douglas actually had a couple of products by Nyx I was ecstatic! So that’s basically what I ended up buying.. I got myself two glitter liquid liners. And a tiny eyeshadow palette by Gerard Brinard Design Paris. I’ve never heard of it but thought I could give it a go.


I’ve actually had a bit of a phobia of all things glitter. I mean all that mess that it leaves behind.. Don’t even get me started on the glittery eye-shadows I’ve used in the past. I looked like a freaking disco ball exploded on my face. I even got the occasional “Why is there glitter on your face?” which made me hate glitter even more since I only put it on my eyelid, like how did it get on my mouth?! I just hated all the glitter residue (everywhere) so I stayed well far off from it.

However, recently I’ve been giving it a chance.. I started using shimmery shades and, well, it’s growing on me. So I thought I’d give the glitter liners a go as well. Although I highly doubt these eyeliners will become a staple, I’m still looking forward to wearing them. And more importantly, learning how to use them.

They’ll definitely be of use when I’m doing my make-up for my bestie’s wedding (still in shock but so darn excited!).

One of the liners is a beautiful dark grey/black colour with multi coloured glitter. The other is a bright gold glitter, which is always a yes for desi outfits!


The eye shadow palette is pocket sized and has 9 different eyeshadow colours. I’ve got to say, they don’t seem very pigmented but hey, it was a bargain and I’m willing to give it a chance!


I particularly like the three colours at the very top and the burgundy at the very bottom left. I haven’t used them yet, so let’s see how they turn out!


Last week, while procrastinating writing my essay, I was just browsing the internet and stumbled upon Boozy Cosmetics again! I heard about them through a Dutch blogger, Vera Camilla. So I went on Boozyshop.nl and saw they had loads of sales! (I’m a total sucker for those).

I was also pleasantly surprised by the very personal approach they’ve opted for. I received a handwritten note thanking me for ordering at Boozy Cosmetics and that to enjoy my new beautiful brush set! I definitely didn’t expect that.

I’ve been wearing make-up for a while now, but my brushes have never been the best. Not even close, to be quite honest. They’re kind of rough and honestly I bought them a long time ago and so I needed a fix.

Boozy cosmetics have pretty decent and affordable make-up brushes so I decided to give it a go. And especially since the 10-pc Rose Gold make-up brush set was half-off. It was a bargain! It also came with it’s own cute little white pouch.


I was pretty excited to receive them because they are my first ever make-up brush set. Sounds so fancy just typing that considering the “brush set” I had before. These are so soft and fluffy I can’t even get over it! I can’t wait to use all of the brushes.

Aside from the brush set, I also got my very first contour palette by Sleek and an eye-shadow primer by L.A. girl. Considering the colour of my eyelids thanks to my genetically inherited beautiful dark circles, I really need primer. I’ve gone so many years without primer thinking why the heck doesn’t the eye-shadow look that way on my eyelid as it does on other people?

Yeah so I discovered the secret to actually seeing the colour of the eye shadow on my lid other than just a blur of brown/grey: eye shadow primer, people. It really works!

This is the L.A. girl eye shadow primer. It’s a roll on, creamy eye shadow primer. It kind of looks like white eye shadow when you put it on, but it definitely made a difference! It makes my eye shadow pop out more and creates a nice base to sculpt on.


I was also quite content with my very first contour palette by Sleek. I’m still experimenting and trying to figure out how to use it to fit my face but I’m quite happy with the results! I don’t want to look too “sculpted” and I guess that means not packing your face with product, but this one seems to be perfect for me! I was a bit dubious about the colour since I ordered it online, but I was satisfied in the end.

The packaging is nice and compact, and also a lot smaller than I initially thought by looking at the pictures on the site. It’s nice and sleek, pun intended.  The highlighter is absolutely beautiful. It shimmers like a charm!


Also, since I purchased products over 30 euros, I got to pick a lipstick by City Color for free! I was allowed to choose from about 5 different City Color lipsticks. I chose Valerie, which is a light pink shade. It’s a little brighter than I initially thought but it’s a nice nude colour for daily wear. It might be slightly light for my complexion but I can still get away with it. At least, I like to think so.. Mixing it with a darker lip liner or lipstick will definitely do the trick!

The packaging seemed a bit “cheap”, for a lack of a better expression, to me, however, it’s quite sturdy and compact, which is nice.


That wraps it up for my little January haul in February! I can’t wait to use all the products especially my new fancy rose gold make-up brushes!

If you live anywhere near the Netherlands, I definitely suggest you head over to Boozy Shop and take a look! They’ve got so many brands ranging from Boozy cosmetics, to The Balm to EOS to I Heart Makeup and more! I think I’ll be ordering more products from this shop in the future. They delivered the entire box within a day so I didn’t have to wait too long for my order, which is always a plus in my books since I’ve had to wait 2 months+ for orders.

Thanks for reading!



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